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X.Org Developer's Conference 2020

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Mark Filion
September 15, 2020

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After DebConf, Linux Plumbers and Akademy, the lineup of great virtual conferences continues this week with the 2020 edition of X.Org Developer's Conference (XDC), the leading event for developers working on all things Open graphics, including the Linux kernel, Mesa, DRM, Wayland and X11.

Taking place entirely online for the first time, XDC 2020 brings a packed schedule of talks, workshops and lightning talks spread out over three days. Collaborans will giving two presentations & a lightning talk during the week, for which you can find full details below. The entire conference will be live-streamed on YouTube (Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3), however if you would like to take part in any of the discussions, there's still time to register (free of charge)!

See you there!

XDC session details

  • From witchcraft to production (Lightning talk) – Wednesday, Sept. 16, 20:25 CEST.
    Presented by Alyssa Rosenzweig.

    Young students of witchcraft believe understanding magic is an end in itself, that successful reverse-engineering is the pinnacle of a mage's journey. In teenage naïveté, they believe breaking the hex is the hardest challenge they could ever face. Yet they are unprepared for the eldritch abomination waiting on the other side: driver development.

  • Graphics tracing with Perfetto – Friday, Sept. 18, 5:15 CEST.
    Presented by Antonio Caggiano.

    In this presentation I will talk about graphics tracing and a collection of tools useful for profiling and trace analysis. I will introduce gfx-pps, a project Collabora started working on this year, which provides some components that, in conjunction with Google's Perfetto, enable you to capture a trace and visualize GPU performance counters, or any kind of timeline, with a nice web-based UI. This kind of analysis is crucial to identify bottlenecks on the GPU and to get insights on which area of the graphics application to focus your optimization efforts.

  • DRM-backend tests in Weston’s GitLab CI – Friday, Sept. 18, 15:45 CEST.
    Presented by Leandro Ribeiro.

    A few years ago the first steps to implement a virtual KMS device were taken, and so VKMS was born. This virtual device is very useful to run DRM-backend tests in headless machines, and so it can be used to extend CI’s tests coverage. In Weston we are already using it to automatically run some very simple DRM-backend tests in its GitLab CI, and that’s what we are going to show in this talk. Also, the work in progress of both Weston and VKMS in order to increase the testing capability is going to be discussed. Leandro Ribeiro is a Brazilian software engineer that works as an intern in Collabora’s Graphics Team. Recently he’s been contributing to Wayland/Weston, a project that he believes plays a fundamental role for the future of FOSS.

Please visite the XDC 2020 website for the full schedule.


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