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Weston 10.0.1 - a bug-fix release

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Marius Vlad
July 05, 2022

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The latest release of Weston was made on February 1, 2022. Meanwhile, a few bugs were discovered and we decided to do a bug-fix release, which we haven't had in several years.

Without further ado, the bug-fix release includes the following changes:

  • In some cases we couldn't assign outputs to clients in kiosk-shell. This would affect clients who perform an initial commit and afterwards set the window property.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with output assignment in multiple outputs setups on kiosk-shell.
  • Fixed sub-surfaces that were not updated on commit, by caching buffer damage for synced sub-surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue with sub-surfaces, which in some circumstances would show them of, even if unmapped.
  • Fixed build issue related to deprecated fbdev back-end.
  • Re-worked some previous fixes in desktop-shell to address closing/destroying of client's windows, which is particularly problematic when having close animation enabled.
  • Minor fixes to the simple-egl client to defer the creation of the EGL window after the initial wl_surface commit.
  • Multiple fixes to the simple-dmabuf-feedback client to support multi-tranche feedbacks: improved buffer status tracking, added a fallback print method for unknown formats, and resort to using a time slot instead of using a number of redraws.
  • Increased buffer limit to four for simple-dmabuf-* clients.
  • Improved debugging support when KMS import failed. - optimized surface feedback creation on demand.
  • Fix performance regression in fragment shader brought in by previous color management work.

Click here to view the full changelog.


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Weston 10.0.1 - a bug-fix release


The latest release of Weston was made on February 1, 2022. Meanwhile, a few bugs were discovered and we decided to do a bug-fix release,…

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