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Jassie Badion
June 21, 2019

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For many, June 21, day of the Solstice, is a day of celebrations. At Collabora, we're also celebrating, as we take a moment to welcome all the newest members of our engineering and administration teams who've joined over the last year!

Comprised of some of the most motivated and active Open Source contributors and maintainers around the world, Collaborans share an enduring passion for technology and Open Source, and these new joiners are no different.

Please join us in welcoming these newest members of our engineering and management teams!

Arnaud Ferraris

Arnaud Ferraris joined our Core team last July as a Consultant Senior Software Engineer. He is based in France, and has more than 10 years of experience in software development, including 5+ years working on Embedded Linux Software, covering various areas such as user-space development, firmware & system creation tools (Buildroot, Yocto), device drivers and bootloader (U-boot) development.

Peter Senna Tschudin

Peter Senna Tschudin rejoined our Core team last August 2018 as a Consultant Principal Software Engineer. During the 15 months that he spent away from Collabora, he tried to fix the Internet and built a prototype for a new kind of flying wind turbine.

Youko Omori

Youko Omori joined Collabora August of last year as a Project Manager based in Cambridge. She had been involved in IT industries for more than 20 years. In her previous jobs, she developed strategy of wireless communication technology for mobile phones, organized research projects taking while being part of automotive and ITS System Department. At Collabora, she is working on APERTIS and related project .

Lucas Kanashiro

Lucas Kanashiro joined our Core team last year as a Consultant Associate Software Engineer. He was a Debian developer for a while maintaining packages and contributing to continuous integration system and providing security updates for LTS version.

Michal Galka

Michal Galka joined our Core team October of last year as a Consultant Senior Software Engineer. He spent a few years as an embedded software engineer with a background in computer networking, focusing on the Ethernet AVB stack development. He is also a big Python fan.

Jessi-Nicole Messias

Jessi-Nicole Messias joined Collabora last November as the new Cambridge, UK Office Manager. She brings with her over 10 years of experience in office management, operations, and wellness. Her passion is the people she works with.

Marius Vlad

Marius Vlad is a Consultant Senior Software Engineer who joined our Graphics team last November. He is an avid user of *NIX systems since high school. He worked as sysadmin for a couple of years after finishing college and developed an affinity towards security topics. He was a Teaching Assistant in topics like IT-Security and Security in Information Systems for a couple of years, and has been involved in the Linux graphics stack for the past years. 

Gaël Portay

Gaël Portay is a Senior Software Developer based in our Montreal office. He joined our Core team last November. He brings in his several years of experience in building operating systems based on the Linux kernel for embedded devices, by hand or using Yocto, Buildroot and OpenWrt. He says C/C++, Shell and Makefile are his best friends. His goal at Collabora is to be a kernel developer and added a note that it is not as easy as he expected.

Aaron Boxer

Aaron Boxer is also a Senior Software Developer who joined our Multimedia team last November. With a M.Sc. in Mathematical Physics, he has spent the past 20 years designing and writing software with a focus on medical imaging. He enjoys the simple pleasures of squeezing as much performance as he can out of his code. A long-time open source hacker, he has contributed to GStreamer and OpenJPEG. He also maintains Grok, an open source JPEG 2000 codec. He lives in Toronto with his wife Zely and their two kids Daniel and Skye.

Jakub Adam

Jakub Adam who is based in the Czech Republic, joined our Multimedia team as a Consultant Senior Software Engineer and brings in his knowledge of Linux, C++/Qt, C and Python programming. He is an upstream maintainer of voice and video support in an open source Skype for Business client and contributes to Debian packages.

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz

Andrzej Pietrasiewicz joined our core team as a Linux Kernel Developer. Andrzej is based in Poland and brings with him his experience in embedded systems and few hundreds of upstream contributions to the Linux Kernel, mostly in USB gadgets and JPEG codec for Exynos chips. He was a speaker at several Linux-related top tier conferences.

Frédéric Danis

Frédéric Danis joined our Core team early this year as a Consultant Senior Software Engineer. He started programming at eleven with a 16 Kb computer in his bedroom. He discovered Linux as a student before working for Palm at the turn of the century. His main expertise is development of communication protocols (TCP/IP and Bluetooth) in C for embedded devices. So, after 10 years of Linux development, he upstreamed patches for BlueZ (user and kernel spaces), oFono and NetworkManager.

André Almeida

André Almeida joined our Core team as a Consultant Software Engineering Intern last January. He is based in Campinas, Brazil He is currently in his last year of B.S. Computer Science at Unicamp leading initiatives regarding free software, security and digital privacy. He is adding value to the team by improving media device hardware emulation in a Linux Kernel driver.

Boris Brezillon

Boris Brezillon joined our Graphics team as a Consultant Senior Software Engineer. He is based in France and brings with him his expertise in embedded Linux with a strong focus on kernel development. His involvement in the Linux kernel community led him to become maintainer of the I3C subsystem.

Adrian Ratiu

Adrian Ratiu joined our Core team as Consultant Senior Software Engineer based in Romania. His experience includes building & maintaining embedded Linux distributions using Yocto/OpenEmbedded and Real-time systems using PREEMPT_RT.

Julian Bouzas

Julian Bouzas is a Consultant Software Engineer who joined in March this year. He is based in Spain. His expertise are: Open Source, Multimedia, Gstreamer, Glib, Linux programming, Build systems, DASH, HLS and Video Analysis with OpenCV. He is also highly interested in the graphics stack for Linux. He has written a Window Manager for X11 and he is currently working on a project using OpenGL. Julian is looking forward to learning Wayland in the near future.

Pete Black

Pete Black is a graphics programmer living on the beautiful Kapiti Coast of Wellington, New Zealand, who has recently joined the XR team as a Prinicipal Consulting Software Engineer. Most recently, Pete has been working independently as a 3D/VR graphics developer, with a focus on Vulkan and VR technologies, providing services for clients such as Mozilla. Working with 3D graphics on Linux and OS X has been Pete's passion for many years and his background is in feature film production and VFX, visitor attractions/interactive, desktop and mobile application development and internet infrastructure. In addition to his strong interest in graphics and computing, Pete has been known to wail on his guitar, brew his own beer and even ride around on a bike when the weather permits.

From tailoring the latest Open Source technologies to your projects, to integrating Open Source methodologies into your organization or contributing your code back to the community, you can count on Collabora to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Open Source. Contact us today to see how we can work together.


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