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Three days, two exhibits, three talks

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Mark Filion
May 30, 2017

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Over the next few days, Collabora is very excited to be taking part in three events where we'll be exhibiting as well as giving talks! If you are planning on attending any of these events and would like to meet, please get in touch!

Augmented World Expo: May 31–June 2, Santa Clara, California

Starting tomorrow, we'll be attending and exhibiting at the Augmented World Expo, in Santa Clara, California! We'll be sharing a booth with our friends Vrvana, where they'll be showcasing their Totem headset. Come by booth #645 to give it a try, and see how our extended reality (XR) team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in developing XR related products and applications that push to boundaries of human-computer interaction in the modern world.

Also noteworthy, Vrvana's CEO & Founder, Bertrand Nepveu, will be giving a talk at 10:45 PST on Friday, June 2, titled "Welcome to Tomorrow: Creating Content that Blends AR & VR (Lessons Learned)". Head on over to the AWE schedule to learn more about Bert's talk.

Automotive Linux Summit: May 31–June 2, Tokyo, Japan

While AWE takes place in sunny California, we'll also be exhibiting on the other side of the Pacific, at the Automotive Linux Summit in Tokyo, Japan! Guy Lunardi, VP, Business Development, and Sjoerd Simons, Core Domain Lead, will be at our booth to showcase some of our latest work in the automotive industry. If you are planning on attending, please come by and see how our team is uniquely suited to accelerate and facilitate the realization of your in-vehicle Open Source related projects!

Furthermore, in addition to our booth, Guy will also be giving a talk at 16:00 JST on Thursday, June 1, titled Keeping Up with Upstream: From Source to Build to QA:

Figuring out a way to meet your security and safety requirements while at the same time addressing the ever growing demand of consumers for technological innovations in cars means that ideas and concepts thought of in-house are no longer enough. Opening up innovation to external application creators is now a necessity. This session intends to walk through some of the work happening upstream to help facilitate that.

We will be touching on some of the changes coming in 2017 around: Pushing the security model of Wayland forward to ensure applications are compartmentalized and secured, Faster and smaller updates on Linux kernel based systems, Friendlier developer build tools and automated QA capabilities, Split run-time environments and Sandboxing of applications.

You can check out the full ALS schedule here.

Open Source Summit Japan: May 31–June 2, Tokyo, Japan

Last, but not least, Collaborans will also be attending the Open Source Summit Japan, which is co-located with ALS. Andrew Lee, Software Engineer, will be giving a talk on Wednesday, May 31, titled "Open Build Service in Debian", while Gustavo Padovan, Principal Software Engineer, will be speaking on Friday, June 2, with a talk titled "Unifying Android and Mainline Kernel Graphics Stack". You can read more about each talk below:

  • Open Build Service in Debian – Wednesday, May 31 @ 14:50 JST.
    It is impressive how much time and resources a team can save by using the OBS to manages their packages creation and distribution. OBS is a generic system to build and distribute packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way.

    Andrew Lee will cover the benefits of using OBS, explain some of it features and workflow for all your packaging and releasing needs, like automatically build package from scratch on multiple target distros and architectures, easy access through QA to the developer's repo to generate new images with the changes for testing before integration into the production repo, vcs-like workflow as branch code, send merge requests and review submissions and flexible to connect additional resources to empower the backend worker(builders) even with different architectures. At the end tips on how to setup and optimize OBS will be provided.

  • Unifying Android and Mainline Kernel Graphics Stack – Friday, June 2 @ 14:50 JST.
    The Android ecosystem has tons of out-of-tree patches and a good part of them are to support Graphics drivers. This happened because the Upstream Kernel didn't support everything that is needed by Android. However the Mainline Graphics Stack has evolved in the last few years and features like Atomic Modesetting and Explicit Fencing support are making the dream of running Android on top of it possible. In other words, we will have Android and Mainline Kernels sharing the same Graphics stack!

    This talk will cover what has been happening both on Android and Mainline Graphics Stacks in order to get Android to use the Upstream Kernel by default, going from what Android have developed to workaround the lack of upstream support to the latest improvements on the Mainline Graphics Stack and how they will fit together.

Click on the following link to view the full OSS Japan schedule.

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