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Three conferences for the price of none!

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Kara Bembridge
September 29, 2022

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This year's X. Org Developer's Conference (XDC) is teaming up with WineConf and FOSS XR for a jam-packed three day event in Minneapolis at the University of St. Thomas' Opus Hall. From October 4 to 6, XDC + WineConf + FOSS XR attendees will be able to learn about the latest developments in open sources graphics and XR, and attend the annual technical meeting for the Wine Project. The cherry on top - admission for this in-person event is free!

X.Org Developer's Conference

Taking place for the duration of the event, this year's edition will feature 3 talks and 2 lightning talks from Collabora's very own that will dive into the complexities of Vulkan to improving GPU design. Be sure to mark a spot in your calendar for these words of wisdom:

Collabora @ XDC 2022

How to write a Vulkan driver in 2022
Presented by Faith Ekstrand - Tuesday, October 4 - 15:45 UTC

Tasting the Forbidden Apple
Presented by Alyssa Rosenzweig - Tuesday, October 4 - 19:00 UTC

Post OpenGL: casual graphics development
Presented by Erik Faye-Lund - Tuesday, October 4 - 22:15 UTC

Implementing the graphics pipeline on compute
Presented by Erik Faye-Lund - Thursday, October 6 - 18:45 UTC

Where's your OpenCL driver?
Presented by Alyssa Rosenzweig - Thursday, October 6 - 20:45 UTC

As members of the X.Org Foundation's Board of Directors, Alyssa Rosenzweig and Mark Filion will also be taking part in the BOD meeting on Wednesday, October 5, at 22:50 UTC.

FOSS XR Conference

FOSS XR 2022 is sure to attract any Open Source XR developers and enthusiasts with multiple talks and demos to attend for this two day event. Starting October 5, attendees will have the opportunity to watch 8 different talks from the Collabora crew and 2 separate demos.

We have two demos to showcase that attendees can catch during the morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks. The demos will be available to view during both days of the FOSS XR conference. Take a look below:

Collabora @ FOSS XR 2022

Demo: Monado-based hand-tracking + SLAM setup running on North Star
Presented by Mateo de Mayo and Moses Turner - October 5 & 6 breaks

Demo: LÖVR - Open source Lua framework for creating VR games and applications
Presented by Bjorn Swenson - October 5 & 6 breaks

How to interact with your open source desktop in the far present
Presented by Lubosz Sarnecki - Wednesday, Otober 5 - 13:45 UTC

Update on the state of FOSS XR
Presented by Jakob Bornecrantz - Wednesday, October 5 - 18:20 UTC

Frame Timing and Pacing in XR
Presented by Jakob Bornecrantz - Wednesday, October 5 - 18:45 UTC

Project North Star: Powered by Community
Presented by Charlton Rodda - Wednesday, October 5 - 19:10 UTC

Introducing Monado's Optical Hand Tracking
Presented by Moses Turner - Wednesday, October 5 - 21:00 UTC

The state of xrdesktop on SoCs
Presented by Christoph Haag - Thursday, October 6 - 18:00 UTC

OpenXR on Android - Source Included
Presented by Ryan Pavlik - Thursday, October 6 - 19:35 UTC

Visual-inertial tracking for Monado
Presented by Mateo de Mayo - Thursday, October 6 - 20:50 UTC

With a mix of presentations to lightning talks to demos, there's something for everyone interested in open graphics or open source XR. Stop by after our talks to say hello or strike up a discussion about the wonderful world we call open source.

See you there!


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