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Talks of the town: Software engineering edition

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Kara Bembridge
May 17, 2022

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Less than a day away, May 18th looks to be a very busy, yet educational time. With two separate events taking place almost simultaneously, Collabora will be presenting 4 different talks, including our first in-person talk in over two years!

First up is the Live Embedded Event. This online event that explores the embedded ecosystem is free to sit in on and features three of Collabora's very own!

Collabora @ Live Embedded Event

Linux on Mobile Phones: A Different Take on Embedded Software
Presented by Arnaud Ferraris – 8:30 am UTC

Over the past few years, several Linux-first mobile phones have been released and led to a renewed interest in the mobile Linux ecosystem. Being at the crossroads of general-purpose computers and electronic appliances, running Linux on mobile phones brings its own set of challenges, calling for a new approach to the very concept of embedded software.

Introduction to Meson build system: cross compilation and developer tools
Presented by Xavier Claessens – 1:30 pm UTC

The Meson build system is more than just another build system, it is a full-featured developer tool, "batteries included." This presentation covers the basic Meson syntax and cross compilation principles.

Stateless video decoder virtualization through Virtio Video and VA-API
Presented by Daniel Almeida – 12:00 pm UTC

This talk goes over the upcoming VA-API virtio video decoder backend currently in the works for the Crosvm hypervisor. It explains how the flexibility of Virtio technology can be paired with a very established API in order to produce a robust solution in video decoding virtualization, effectively blending the worlds of stateful and stateless interfaces.

If you happen to be in Santa Clara, California, not to be missed is the Embedded Vision Summit for those interested in the latest in computer vision and edge AI innovations. Gain technical insights for practical machine learning operations techniques:

Collabora @ Live Embedded Event

Testing ML Models and Code: Practical MLOps Techniques
Presented by Marcus Edel – 6:25 pm UTC

MLOps applies the best practices from DevOps—collaboration, version control, automated testing, compliance, security and continuous integration/continuous delivery—to productionizing ML. MLOps and DevOps are similar when it comes to continuous integration, source control, unit testing, integration testing, and continuous delivery; however, there are also notable differences. In this talk, we will examine the testing-related aspects of the MLOps pipeline.

If you are planning to attend either event, make sure to drop by one of the chat rooms at Live Embedded Event or stick around after Marcus' talk to say hello!

See you there!


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