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Smells like team spirit: Meet our newest Collaborans!

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Kara Bembridge
February 26, 2024

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Our people are at the heart of everything we've accomplished. Their drive and ingenuity are the cornerstones of our success and we're proud of their open source contributions. We've recently had some new faces join the team and we are delighted that our talented new joiners have readily jumped in to advance the open source mission.

This group has already settled in within their respective domains and is well acquainted with the Open First mindset. Several already had over a decade's worth of Linux exposure. Their experience ranges from work on Nokia, bootloaders, LAVA, Mesa, and plenty of personal projects too! They champion the departments of Delivery, Kernel, Graphics, and Core.

Let's meet our latest teammates!

Serge Broslavsky

A lover of hardware and a software engineer at heart, Serge Broslavsky first started his journey with Linux as early as 2009 (with quite some MS Windows world experience before). His desire to help is evident from his stance to stay on the border between the technical world and the world of project management. He is an idea man - greatly enjoys breaking down complex problems as well as generating new ideas. He brings experience working on the Core team working on Nokia N900 (Maemo) and N9 (Meego) and spent almost 9 years at Linaro. Serge decided to join Collabora for its dedication to open source projects.

Eugen Hristev

Eugen Hristev has been working all of his life on embedded systems. starting from networking devices, microcontrollers, ASICs, automotive, general purpose microprocessors, bare-metal programming, up to ARM architecture, the Linux Kernel, and even embedded distributions. He also worked with FPGA, bootloaders, hardware validation and bring-up, to camera sensors, DRAM controllers, you name it. He has been touching Linux for about 20 years and continues to enjoy it every day since.

Antonino Maniscalco

Antonino Maniscalco was previously a student and has worked on a custom game engine in Rust in his spare time. He has also worked on other hobby projects and has made small contributions to Open Source projects. He is now part of the graphics team as a Software Engineer Consultant at Collabora.

Dave Pigott

Dave Pigott is a software engineer who has a wide range of experience from embedded to enterprise level solution design and implementation. Previous to joining Collabora he was the Tech Lead for, and one of the original architects of, LAVA. He has worked with Linux and Open Source for more than two decades. He has joined Collabora as a Principal Engineer and is working alongside the LAVA and MesaCI teams.

Loïc Molinari

Loïc Molinari has been creating real-time graphics software for 20 years. He worked on the Unity Desktop Environment at Canonical and created graphics and multimedia engines at Fluendo. Before joining Collabora, he did software consulting on various topics like data compression, performance optimisation and visual effects.

Mary Guillemard

Mary Guillemard has joined our graphic team as a Software Engineer. She has been working on NVK but also Venus, Virtio-GPU Vulkan driver. Before joining Collabora, she researched NVIDIA hardware for Nintendo Switch emulation and worked in cybersecurity for 3 years. She is curious and enjoys gathering new knowledge about anything she uses.

Simon Zeni

Simon Zeni has been working in the fields of computer graphics and XR for the past 2 years before joining Collabora as a member of the XR team. Based in Canada, he has made multiple contributions to various projects such as Mesa, Monado, wlroots. He is also involved in the development of Alpine Linux.

Our team is fully equipped to tackle a diverse range of projects. Should your project benefit from the open-source approach, don't hesitate to contact us. We're keen to explore a solution that meets your needs!


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