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Shifting to open gears for the Automotive Linux Summit

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Kara Bembridge
December 01, 2022

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With doors open again to The Land of the Rising Sun, automotive and open source aficiandos alike are making their way to the Automotive Linux Summit 2022 held in Yokohama and virtually. Taking place from from December 5 to 6, this event is held in conjunction with Open Source Summit Japan.

This conference connects the developer community with automotive vendors and users, thereby aiming to enlighten the application of open source code and embedded device use within this industry. Two talks hosted by Collabora's Marius Vlad and Daniel Stone will seek to shed light on this in the realms of the AGL compositor and graphics upstream solutions.

Collabora @ Automotive Linux Summit

The AGL Wayland Compositor, Present and Future Design Work
Presented by Marius Vlad - Monday, December 5 - 6:30 am UTC

Based on the libWeston library, the AGL compositor is a specialized Wayland compositor designed to handle most of the use-cases in the AGL ecosystem. Traditionally, access to the Wayland primitives have been freely available which allowed users to create UIs fairly easy. Yet, with newer UI toolkits and runtimes like Flutter and Chromium integration has been challenging, with a few questions still open for debate.

Furthermore, the AGL codebase has undergone some radical transformations, which has seen the departure of its application framework -- and with it, its RPC -- and the introduction and adoption of Google's gRPC into AGL ecosystem. This talk will provide a short introduction about the AGL compositor inner workings, some of issues we've seen while working towards integrating with runtimes like Flutter & Chromium, and present some of the recent work intended to provide a gRPC API that would allow clients to perform window management operations, without the need to talk directly to the compositor.

Current State of Graphics Virtualization Upstream
Presented by Daniel Stone - Tuesday, December 6 - 7:00 am UTC

The Linux graphics subsystem has traditionally relied on 'implicit synchronisation' to make this coherent, with the kernel handling scheduling. Graphics and media workloads are deeply pipelined, deeply parallel, and deeply asynchronous. However modern hardware has been completely the other way and giving userspace exacting control - making implicit synchronisation less and less viable. This talk will discuss the current efforts upstream regarding the open source graphics solutions when it comes to containerized and virtualized workloads.

This event is free to attend both physically and virtually. Pop by after the talk or in the chatroom and our speakers will be happy to answer any questions you have or to exchange a simple hello!

See you in Japan!


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