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Erica Ryoo
April 21, 2020

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In these times of disruption and uncertainty, how about some positive news for a change? Let's take a moment to celebrate the newest members of our engineering and administration teams, who came onboard earlier this year!

Based in France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil, these newest Collaborans join our worldwide team of highly skilled engineers, developers and managers who all share a common passion for technology and Open Source.

Please join us in welcoming Mylène, Christopher, Melissa, Ricardo and Leandro!

Mylène Josserand

Mylène Josserand joined Collabora as a Consultant Software Engineer. She has experiences in embedded Linux and kernel development. She worked on drivers and BSP development with Buildroot and the Yocto project / Open Embedded, contributing new features and fixes to these projects.

Christopher Obbard

Christopher Obbard joined our Core team as Software Engineer. He has ten years of experience in designing embedded systems and has worked in the aerospace, medical and consumer industries. He been involved in many aspects of projects including hardware design, board bring-up and application development. He values open source software and has joined Collabora to devote more time to improving open source software.


Melissa Ross joined Collabora as an Office Manager in our UK office. She brings with her years of experience in office management and she is looking forward to new challenges.

Ricardo Cañuelo Navarro

Ricardo Cañuelo Navarro joined Collabora as a Consultant Software Engineer. He has ten years of experience in Linux-based embedded systems. He worked in many projects in the semiconductor, printing and automotive industries doing hardware and system bring-ups, low-level debugging, drivers and general system application programming.

Leandro Ribeiro

Leandro Ribeiro joined our Graphics Team as a Consultant Software Engineering Intern. He is based in Brazil and got involved with FOSS during his years at Unicamp, where he graduated in Computer Science. Recently he's been contributing to Wayland/Weston, a project that he believes plays a fundamental role for the future of Linux desktop and FOSS in general. Now, he joins Collabora to have a better support and be able to continue developing for the graphics stack.

From tailoring the latest Open Source technologies to your projects, to integrating Open Source methodologies into your organization or contributing your code back to the community, you can count on Collabora to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Open Source. Contact us today to see how we can work together.


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