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Ready to embark for Embedded Open Source Summit

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Kara Bembridge
June 22, 2023

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A beloved stop for architecture aficionados of any level, the very first edition of Embedded Open Source Summit is set in the enchanting city of Prague. Taking place at the Prague Congress Centre from June 27 to 30, this new 4-day umbrella event brings multiple conferences, including Automotive Linux Summit (ALS) and Embedded Linux Conference (ELC), all under one roof.

We're delighted to help sponsor such a multifaceted event that brings together different sections of the open source community to learn together and grow. If you are planning on attending, make sure to stop by our booth and see what our team has been working on! This year, we'll be featuring NVK, an open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA hardware that is part of Mesa. Come give it a try, and see how far it has progressed since it's announcement last October at XDC 2022!

In addition to our booth, our engineers will also be presenting five talks over the course of the week, on topics including the AGL Wayland compositor, MediaTek upstreaming, stateless V4L2 video encoding, WirePlumber (PipeWire's session manager), and adding runtime power management capabilities to device drivers. Read below for more details on each of these presentations.

Right before EOSS officially begins however, we'll be joining the discussion at the Linux Media Summit, led by Hans Verkuil, on Monday, June 26. As the premier forum for Linux multimedia development, we're proud to be once again sponsoring this one-day event, enabling media developers to meet face-to-face.

Update: The video recordings are now available, click on any talk listed below to start watching!

Collabora @ Embedded Open Source Summit

ELC Technical Showcase

Lastly, along with these talks, we'll also be taking part in the ELC Technical Showcase, happening during the Onsite Attendee Reception at 15:30 UTC, on Thursday, June 29. We'll be showcasing two different demos: Panfrost ML-based video compression and KernelCI Hardware-in-the-loop testing with LAVA.

Make sure to come say hello after our talks, or pop by our booth & showcase, our presenters will be happy to connect. See you there!


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