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February 28, 2022

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As the globe still navigates the twists and turns of the times, Collabora can confidently say we've been steadily on the rise. The demand for open source expertise continues to intensify and we've remained in stride in the field. We've added brand new members to our crew in 2021 who are more than equipped to keep pace.

Hailing from different time zones and landscapes, their mix of experience and perspectives serve to enhance Collabora's mission. Adding to the Kernel, Core, Machine Learning, Development Operations, People Operations, Multimedia, Engineering, Graphics, and Marketing and Business Development departments, let's meet our new joiners!

Derek Foreman

Derek Foreman previously worked for Collabora and has recently rejoined as a member of the Kernel Team. Based in Canada, he has years of experience with real-time systems and embedded devices and has been a contributor to Wayland and related projects.

Andre Moreira Magalhaes

Andre Moreira Magalhaes rejoined Collabora as a Principal Software engineer. He has worked with Collabora for more than 10 years and has over 20 years of industry experience. He brings valuable experience in a range of areas such as VoIP, WebEngine development, multimedia, system integration, mobile/embedded development, as well as project management.

Jakub Piotr Cłapa

Jakub Piotr Cłapa is a generalist engineer and researcher currently working on embedded Deep Learning at Collabora. He is very interested in unsupervised machine learning of the environment as a way to pave the way for autonomous robots. During the previous 10+ years, he shipped full-stack embedded Linux solutions in several startups. He’s passionate about programming languages and operating systems and believes, after Alan Kay, that "The Computer Revolution Has Not Happened Yet.”

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana has worked as a sysadmin using Linux since 2000 and is a Debian developer contributing with packing, translation, and event organization. In his day by day at Collabora, he works with postfix, databases (mysql and postgres), ldap, git, chef, pua, and so on. He feels this is a great opportunity to work with Free Software and Linux. He believes this is amazing for people who believe in the spirit of freedom like he does.

Paweł Wieczorek

Paweł Wieczorek has experience with the development and maintenance of Linux distributions for mobile devices. He has been involved in the design and development of automated testing laboratories not only for mobile but also for the telco industry. He has a passion for automating daily routines.

Dylan Aïssi

Dylan Aïssi has been involved for over seven years in the Debian development; in particular regarding software integration for biomedical research purposes. He is also strongly involved in the infrastructure and continuous integration of Debian R packages.

Ben Toynton

Ben Toynton has over 10 years of technical recruitment experience, with a focus on open source technologies. He is based in the North West of England but previously lived in Perth, WA. He is a football, rugby league, and NFL enthusiast.

Ashok Sidipotu

Ashok Sidipotu joined our multimedia team as a senior developer, he is based in India. He has rich experience in embedded audio systems. He has extensively worked on Android Audio system software at various layers.

Vignesh Raman

Vignesh Raman has joined our core department as a software engineer consultant. His expertise includes Embedded Linux (Yocto, Debian), Linux kernel, BSP, and firmware development.

Bruna Pinos De Oliveira

Bruna Pinos De Oliveira recently graduated in Software Engineering from the University of Brasilia. She's worked with Python/Django and a chatbot bot framework called Rasa. She has a strong functional programming background, with Clojure, and a passion for that too.

Adrian Larumbe

Adrian Larumbe joined our kernel team as a Linux Kernel Developer. He is based in the southern UK but hails from Spain. Previously he worked as an embedded software engineer and as a GPU driver developer. He has a lifelong interest in free software, Linux, and operating systems. He will be working mostly on kernel graphics projects and Panfrost. He is also an Emacs enthusiast.

Edmund Smith

Edmund Smith has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and joined our core team as a senior software engineer. He's worked in a variety of industries, most recently agricultural robotics, but before that a game studio. He's also worked on products for high-end video cards, a mathematical optimization library, and graphics drivers for smartphones.

Guilherme Gallo

Guilherme Gallo has six years of experience developing a variety of projects, from Medical Volume Image visualization in Virtual Reality to real-time Image Processing system libraries for Hardware Abstract Layer in Android. He almost always uses FOSS software in his projects and sees Collabora as one of the references in the Open-Source area. Joining Collabora has been a wonderful opportunity for him to contribute to the Open Source full time.

Iris Lee

Iris Lee joined Collabora as People Operations Administrator. She brings her years of experience in working with people in international organizations. She is based in our Montreal Office.

AngeloGioacchino Del Regno

AngeloGioacchino Del Regno is in love with the Linux kernel and has always been a kernel developer. He has expertise in drivers development and platforms integration/upstreaming, with plenty of Qualcomm and MediaTek SoCs knowledge for measure. He now joins Collabora as a Linux Kernel developer and is forever an Open Source fan.

Cristian Ciocâltea

Cristian Ciocâltea has extensive experience in building, maintaining, and optimizing custom Linux-based operating systems, as well as targeting embedded devices. In his spare time, he is a contributor to various open source projects, including, but not limited to, the Linux kernel.

Dave Bevan

Dave Bevan joins us as an Engineering People Lead, utilizing his experience of over 15 years within STEM companies, 10 years of leadership experience, and 7 years of Learning and Development experience. As an ICF accredited coach, Dave is focused on supporting people and helping them achieve their best. In his role, he will be working closely with a large portion of our engineers to help them achieve their vision as well as working with other key stakeholders within the business to develop our new leadership programme and spend time working on career paths and frameworks for our engineering team.

Ryan Gonzalez

Ryan Gonzalez has been programming for around 10 years and has been using Linux for around 8 years. He has been working with Flatpaks since roughly 2019. Most of his hobby projects all revolve around lower-level aspects of Linux and he is based in the US.

Laura Nao

Laura Nao joined Collabora in October and is based in Italy. She has experience in the bring-up of Android and GNU/Linux OS on custom embedded boards. She has worked on building BSPs from the ground up to support various hardware boards, including device driver development, and system customization. Diving into the Linux kernel internals is her favourite thing.

Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy from Brighton joins the Systems team as Development Manager. Mark's background is in video games media and events, building high traffic web platforms, and managing cross-functional teams.

Manas Chaudhary

Manas Chaudhary has worked on a custom own game engine in C++ and with a DirectX11 based renderer. He's done a GSoC at xrdesktop. He also does reverse engineering and web development in his free time.

Muhammad Usama Anjum

Muhammad Usama Anjum joined Collabora as Kernel Developer. He is passionate about open source software. He has made several contributions to the Linux Kernel. He has years of experience working on RT kernel, device drivers, embedded systems, low-level debugging, userspace high-performance scalable applications, compilers, and IP cores in FGPA. He has his master's in EE and has done research on RISC-V architecture as well.

Detlev Casanova

Detlev Casanova is the newest member of the core team. He has been focusing his work on a v4l2 driver for space cameras. He has a growing interest in Rust and in his spare time, he pursues his love for traveling.

Olatokunbo Akinjiyani

Olatokunbo Akinjiyan joined the Engineering team as a people lead. She is based in Hampshire in the United Kingdom and comes with over 12 years of experience in learning and development working with a lot of global organizations.

Larysa Grynko

Larysa Grynko is an administrative and operations professional with over 17 years of travel coordination experience and over 10 years of immigration support experience. She has a proven record of overseeing a few projects simultaneously in a fast-paced startup environment, as well as in large companies. She has excellent communication and collaboration skills, and in her spare time loves reading, cooking, learning, and organizing themed parties.

As our team grows, so does our ability to provide robust Open Source solutions. Reach out today to see how we can work together.

But our appetite for growth doesn't stop here! We've got our eyes set on expansion and we'll have a whole new batch of fresh faces to introduce in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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