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Kara Bembridge
March 27, 2023

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It’s no secret that Tech has faced some setbacks lately, namely on the headcount front. Despite these uncertainties, Collabora has had the privilege of increasing our roster with new teammates. With the ever-evolving landscape, we’re elated that they’ve chosen us to be part of the Open First ethos.

The latest additions have remained steadfast in their respective fields and joined with a shared passion for open source. This small group of 5 new joiners hails from 4 different continents – a testament to Collabora’s worldwide reach and fulfillment of remote work. Their expertise will find a welcomed space in the Kernel, XR, Graphics, Core, and DevOps departments.

Let’s meet the team!

Rebecca Mckeever

Rebecca Mckeever joined our graphics team as a Software Engineering Intern. She has been working on NVK, an open-source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA hardware. She recently graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Computer Science. Before joining Collabora, she was an Outreachy Intern working on the memblock testing suite of the Linux kernel. She enjoys running and cooking vegan meals. She lives with her partner in Oregon.

Miguel Casique Meneses

Miguel Casique Meneses joined Collabora in November as a Software Engineer Consultant. He has been an enthusiastic and dynamic open-source supporter since the late 90s. Having worked as a Linux Administrator, he has experience in Cloud technologies, Infrastructure, Virtualization, and DevOps methodology. He's delighted to be part of Collabora's involvement with open-source projects; knowledge he had well before joining.

Korcan Hussin

Korcan Hussin joined Collabora as a Senior Software Engineer on the XR team. He has 10 years of experience predominantly in the games industry working as a tools programmer. In the past 3 years he has spent his spare time working on and contributing to open-source XR-related projects such as ALVR, an open-source PC-VR streaming solution.

Felipe Hargreaves

Felipe Hargreaves joined the Tools team as a Software Engineer Consultant. Based in Brazil, he has a background in mobile and web development, mostly with Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. He has been a FOSS enthusiast since college and is really excited to be working at a company that has Open Source at its core.

Lucas Tanure

Lucas Tanure fell in love with C during university and found the Linux kernel a really good place to work and find fulfillment. He's an Embedded Systems Developer focused on Linux Kernel with experience in Device Driver development, kernel up-streaming, board bring-up, and integrations. He has travelled to a few countries, like France, China, and the USA, for face-to-face client support and bring-up. He also has 4 certifications from the Linux Foundation about the Linux Kernel and embedded systems.


This group has already had the chance to dig into one of Collabora’s many projects and is at the ready to assist with the next challenge. If you have a project that could use the open source touch, reach out and we’ll gladly find a solution that works for you! 



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