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Monado SLAM datasets now available

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Mateo de Mayo
September 11, 2023

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The Monado SLAM datasets (MSD) are now available for you to use! These datasets are egocentric visual-inertial SLAM datasets recorded to improve the Basalt-based inside-out tracking component of the Monado project. These have a permissive license CC-BY 4.0, meaning you can use them for any purpose you want, including commercial, and only a mention of the original project is required.

The first set of sequences released were recorded from a Valve Index with groundtruth provided from SteamVR lighthouses.

Monado is an open-source OpenXR runtime that you can use to make devices OpenXR compatible. It also provides drivers for different existing hardware thanks to different contributors in the community creating drivers for it. Monado provides different XR-related modules that these drivers can use. To be more specific, inside-out head tracking is one of those modules and, while you can use different tracking systems, the main system is a fork of Basalt. Creating a good open-source tracking solution requires a solid measurement pipeline to understand how changes in the system affect tracking quality. For this reason, the creation of these datasets was essential.

These datasets are very specific to the XR use case as they contain VI-SLAM footage recorded from devices such as VR headsets, but other devices like phones or AR glasses might be added in the future. These were made since current SLAM datasets like EuRoC or TUM-VI were not specific enough for XR, or they didn't have permissively enough usage licenses.

For questions or comments, you can use the Hugging Face Community, join Monado's discord server and ask in the #slam channel, or send an email to mateo.demayo at collabora.com.


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