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MiniDebConf Cambridge 2023

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Kara Bembridge
November 21, 2023

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This week, the Debian project takes over Cambridge as MiniDebConf kicks off right in our own British backyard!

Organized by Debian project members, MiniDebConfs aim to achieve similar objectives to those of the annual Debian conference, DebConf, but on a smaller, more regional scale.

MiniDebConf Cambridge will begin with two days of mini-DebCamp where attendees can meet, discuss, and of course hack, followed by a regular mini-conference on Saturday and Sunday with multiple talks to take in. The entire event will take place within a select space at Arm's offices at the Peterhouse Technology Park.

Collabora @ MiniDebConf Cambridge

Using Debian on mobile phones (BoF)
Presented by Arnaud Ferraris - Saturday, November 25, 11:30 UTC

Adventures in bootloading: How the SteamOS bootloader works (and why it works that way)
Presented by Vivek Das Mohapatra - Saturday, November 25, 15:00 UTC

If you plan on attending, please pop by to say hello! Our presenters would be delighted to chat about all things Debian and the latest developments from which many of us benefit.


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