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Making a spatial impact at AWE 2024

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Kara Bembridge
May 30, 2024

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Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Augmented World Expo (AWE) is preparing to welcome over 6,500 attendees this year in Long Beach, California. As the largest spatial computing event on offer, XR professionals are set to witness the latest breakthroughs in the XR community. This cutting-edge hub will take place from June 18 to 20 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

In order to best capture the open source element of the XR tapestry, Collabora will be at Booth 645 to exhibit our recent projects and developments. Make sure to come say hello and get a first-hand look at what we've been up to, including:

  • ElectricMaple remote rendering, showcasing a high-poly car asset hosted on a distant server and rendered in a local Quest 3 headset, and
  • xrdesktop showcasing a fully open-source 3-window desktop configuration with gaze-driven window selection, displayed on the Northstar AR headset.

In addition to our booth, and further exemplifying the successes in open source, Frédéric Plourde, XR lead at Collabora and Vice Outreach Officer for OpenXR at The Khronos Group, will also be giving a talk on the evolution of OpenXR.

Collabora @ AWE

OpenXR's Open Source Pipeline for Accessible XR Development
Presented by Frédéric Plourde - Wednesday, June 19 10, 17:30 UTC
Room 101A

Collabora's XR team possesses the expertise to help your organization develop cutting-edge XR products and applications that redefine human-computer interaction. If you're attending the event and want to discuss your current XR projects, we'd love to connect. Drop by Booth 645 to say hello!


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