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Linux App Summit 2020

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Mark Filion
November 12, 2020

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The busy Q3/Q4 2020 schedule of conferences continues this week with Linux App Summit (LAS), a conference "designed to accelerate the growth of the Linux application ecosystem by bringing together everyone involved in creating a great Linux application user experience."

Starting today, and running until this Saturday (November 14), LAS will be taking place entirely online for the first time, with 30+ talks spread out over three days. Collaborans will giving presentations on Linux graphics, PipeWire and our work with Valve. You can find full details below for each talk. The conference is free of charge, but you must register to attend. More details here: https://linuxappsummit.org/register/.

In addition to these presentations, we will also be hosting a virtual office hour, where you can meet our Engineering Manager, Olivier Potin! Join us to learn more about Collabora and ask any question you might have regarding our current projects and job opportunities! The office hour will take place on Friday, November 13 at 14:45 UTC. Stay tuned on our social media channels for the link to join, or keep an eye on the LAS schedule.

See you there!

LAS session details

  • Linux Graphics 101 – Friday, Nov. 13, 08:00 UTC.
    Presented by Rohan Garg.

    The ever growing popularity of ARM devices has meant a new market for Linux apps. However, unlike conventional platforms where we enjoy the stability of a well tested graphics stack, platforms based on the ARM architecture tend to be quirkier. In this talk, I'll be talking about the basics of how the Linux Graphics stack works touching on how technologies such as DRM, DRI, and Mesa interact with each other and the history behind how we've come to the current Gallium design in Mesa. At the end of the talk attendees should have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the graphics world and a high level understanding of the Mesa/DRM architecture. Furthermore, this should help Linux app developers gain a better understanding of mesa and allow for faster debugging of graphics issues on ARM devices.

  • Revolutionizing the audio experience on the desktop with PipeWire - Friday, Nov. 13, 16:00 UTC
    Presented by George Kiagiadakis
    PipeWire has been making a lot of progress lately on providing a drop-in replacement audio server that unifies the PulseAudio and JACK APIs. Recently, it was announced that it is ready for general testing and at this rate it should be ready to be distributed as a replacement of PulseAudio in 2021. Looking in the future, though, we need to ask ourselves... how can PipeWire improve the user experience? Does it actually bring any value to end users that have never heard of JACK before? Does it bring any changes? In this talk, George is going to give an overview of how a PipeWire-enabled system looks like and behaves at the moment and then take a glimpse in the future, looking at ideas, which are already being worked on, that could revolutionize the user experience in an environment as complex as the desktop - with your help!

  • Collabora & Valve - What We're Doing (and Why We're Doing It) - Saturday, Nov. 14, 10:20 UTC
    Presented by Vivek Das Mohapatra

    A whistle-stop tour of the work we at Collabora are doing for Valve - ranging from Linux kernel features and enhancements to graphics to OS enhancements and a few other things besides.


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