GStreamer Conference 2017

Posted on 19/10/2017 by Mark Filion

We're thrilled to be once again a platinum sponsor of this year's GStreamer Conference, the conference "for developers, decision-makers, community members, industry partners, and anyone else interested in the GStreamer multimedia framework or Open Source and cross-platform multimedia." The two-day conference will be taking place at Node5 in Prague, Czech Republic on October 21 & 22.

Collabora's multimedia team, including Olivier Crête, Nicolas Dufresne, Georgios Kiagiadakis, Guillaume Desmottes, Xavier Claessens and Justin Kim will be in Prague to meet with the community and give a number of talks during the conference.

Come say hello, or catch one of the 5 presentations given by Collaborans during the conference:


  • "Implementing Zero-Copy pipelines in GStreamer" by Nicolas Dufresne – Saturday, Oct. 21, 10:00 CET.

    With the wide variety of hardware and their various restrictions, implementing zero-copy in GStreamer can be difficult. In this talk, I would like revisit the mechanisms in place to help implement such pipeline and explain how this is being used in various context. I will also try to explain some of the well known and recently found traps that can lead to difficult to debug issues. This talk is addressed to plugin developers interested in enabling zero-copy while keeping GStreamer flexibility.

  • "GStreamer in the world of Android Camera3 cameras" by Olivier Crête – Saturday, Oct. 21, 14:10 CET.

    New SoCs include camera modules that comply with the Android Camera3 API, this includes multiple features that are not currently well handled by GStreamer. I will propose a roadmap that can allow us to support those.

  • "Linux Explicit DMA Fences in GStreamer" by Nicolas Dufresne – Sunday, Oct. 22, 12:40 CET.

    This talk will cover the use of the explicit DMA Fence in multimedia pipelines and how these fences can be used to improve smoothness and reduce latency in your streaming application. We will also outline how we plan to integrate these new kernel objects in GStreamer framework.

Lightning Talks

Note: The lightning talk session is scheduled to begin at 17:00 CET on Saturday, October 21.

Visit the GStreamer Conference website for the full schedule of talks. See you at Node5!

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