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FOSDEM 2024 - Recorded presentations (videos) now available

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Mark Filion
February 15, 2024

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If you weren't able to attend FOSDEM 2024 in Brussels earlier this month, you're in luck as all our presentations were recorded and are now available on our YouTube channel. Below is the full list of talks, with direct links to each recording.

Collabora's engineers presented six talks over the course of the weekend, spread out amongst multiple devrooms including Open Media and Testing & Continuous delivery. Topics included a review of the recent improvements to GStreamer, a look at the state of video offloading on the Linux desktop, the case for a virtual Rust stateless codec driver, pushing a test lab to its limits, running OpenCL-accelerated LLM on your phone, and the latest on Mobian, the open source project bringing Debian GNU/Linux to mobile devices.

Note that can also view any other talk given during the week by heading to the FOSDEM 2024 schedule, and selecting the talk you're interested in.

Collabora @ FOSDEM 2024


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