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Edinburgh, continued!

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Mark Filion
October 25, 2018

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Scotland, part two

After three great days attending and catching up with the community at ELCE, Collaborans are continuing their stay in Edinburgh to take part in the GStreamer Conference & Hackfest, the Linux Media Summit and the Automated Testing Summit.

Members of our multimedia team, including Olivier Crête, Nicolas Dufresne, Zeeshan Ali, Georgios Kiagiadakis and Xavier Claessens, will be attending the 2018 edition of the GStreamer Conference, which takes place today and tomorrow at Summerhall, followed immediately by the the GStreamer Hackfest at Codebase Edinburgh. They will also be giving four presentations during the conference. You can find details on their talks below.

Back at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre where ELCE took place, Collaborans will be joining the discussion in two different forums. Gustavo Padovan and Ezequiel Garcia will be joing the Linux Media Summit, the "premier forum to discuss the Linux multimedia development for cameras, audio and video streaming devices, analog/digital TV support, remote controller and HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) at the Linux Kernel and its userspace APIs.. Ezequiel will have the opportunity to give a presentation at 10:10 BST on automated testing and will lead a conversation around the current testing infrastructure, and V4L2 compliance.

Lastly, Sjoerd Simons, our Core Lead, will be present at the Automated Testing Summit, where discussions will focus on a number of topics, including results reporting, and board farm standards for testing. the kernelci.org project will undoubetedly be a hot topic, as it will soon become a Linux Foundation project.

If you are planning on taking part in any of these events, please don't hesitate to come say hello to one of the Collaborans that will be there! 

GStreamer Conference

  • "GStreamer CI for embedded platforms" by Olivier Crête – Thursday, Oct. 25, 14:40 BST.

    Many people at this conference use GStreamer on embedded systems, yet our Continuous Integration (CI) only runs on Intel based systems. Earlier, this year we tried to tackle this. We created a prototype CI that builds GStreamer for the Raspberry Pi platform, and then, using Collabora's LAVA infrastructure, runs gst-validate on the actual board. During this talk, I will describe the approach we've chosen, why we chose it, how it works, and our plan to bring this to GStreamer's infrastructure once the move to GitLab is complete.

  • "Non-interleaved audio in GStreamer" by George Kiagiadakis – Thursday, Oct. 24, 16:20 BST.

    Earlier this year I was working on enabling support for non-interleaved audio buffers in GStreamer. In this talk, first, I will shortly explain what non-interleaved audio means and I will show some of the challenges I faced while implementing support for it. Afterwards, I will go through the new API I introduced for handling audio buffers, in order to support non-interleaved as well as interleaved audio seamlessly, explaining why it should be adopted for writing new elements that handle audio.

  • "Discovering Video4Linux CODECs" by Nicolas Dufresne & Ezequiel Garcia – Friday, Oct. 26, 16:10 BST.

    As Video4Linux gain support for stateful and stateless CODECs, it is important to have an elegant mechanism to enumerate available CODECs and register GStreamer elements. This talk will be presented by Ezequiel Garcia and Nicolas Dufresne. Ezequiel will present the Linux Kernel Video4Linux media controller and CODEC APIs and how we can improve the dynamic enumeration of CODEC capabilities. Nicolas will explain how GStreamer Video4linux plugin can leverage these APIs to dynamically expose these CODECs as GStreamer elements.

  • "Improved flexibility and stability in GStreamer V4L2 support " by Nicolas Dufresne – Thursday, Oct. 25, 17:00 BST.

    Nicolas will also be taking part in the lightning talks, to present a quick update on V4L2 support in GStreamer.

Please visit the GStreamer Conference 2018 website for the full schedule of talks. We hope to see you there! 


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