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Debuting at IOT Solutions World Congress

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Kara Bembridge
May 09, 2024

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Hailed as the premier event for digital transformation trends and disruptive technologies, IOT Solutions World Congress 2024 will take center stage from May 21 to 23. Held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, at the Gran Via Venue, the brightest minds in the industry will share their insights and game-changing innovations.

This year will be Collabora's first time exhibiting at IOTSWC 2024, in partnership with STMicroelectronics. As guests at their booth at Gran Via, Hall 1, Level 0, Street D, Stand 121, we will be showcasing how the STM32MP2 is an ideal chip to enable edge AI solution in industrial environments.

Using TensorFlow Lite models optimized for the STM3MP2 NPU along with an upstream-ready H.264 encoder (Video4Linux2), this demo also showcases GStreamer's all-new analytic metadata framework via ONVIF metadata streaming over RTP in Rust.

Whether it's writing a line of code or shaping a long-term strategic software development plan, Collabora can accelerate and facilitate the realization of your embedded Open Source projects. Let us show you how we can help! Drop in for a friendly 'Hola' at Stand 121!

See you there!


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