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Collabora & Linux Kernel 4.13

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Sebastian Reichel
September 06, 2017

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Linux kernel 4.13 is out and - like in the 4.12 release - 12 Collabora developers contributed a total of 72 patches. In addition Collabora developers provided 25 Reviewed-by tags and 10 Tested-by tags. Furthermore 83 patches received a Signed-off-by tag from Collabora peoples. Again, general information about the merge window is available by LWN.net in form of the following articles: part 1 and part 2.

Now here is a look at the specific changes made by Collaborans. First of all Guillaume Tucker added device tree bindings for ARM Mali Midgard GPU and added a matching node to a couple of development boards. Next we have Gustavo Padovan, who did some drm core cleanups by switching to drm_connector_list_iter for any connector_list walking. This fixes potential race-conditions and deadlocks! Helen Koike continued her work on the virtual media controller driver: She provided patches moving subdevices into their own modules and refactored code out of the core module. She also added a debayer filter and a scaler as well as a few common helpers.

Sebastian Reichel did cleanups in mcp23s08 port expander driver and added support to configure it's pullups via pinconf API, removed legacy code from twl4030 driver, added bluetooth support for Motorola Droid 4, as well as AES and DES crypto accelerator support for OMAP4. He also added an option to the watchdog-core, that disables early handling of watchdogs, which is often unwanted on embedded systems.

Apart from that Robert Foss exposed DRM_MODE_ROTATE_ and DRM_MODE_REFLECT_ in the userspace API for convenience. Gabriel Krisman Bertazi fixed miscellaneous DRM issues and Sjoerd Simons fixed pl010 and sh-sci serial drivers for multiplatform kernels. Last but not least Romain Perier fixed audio problems in the dw-hdmi driver.

In addition to these patches, that were written by Collabora developers, we also took active parts in patch testing and reviewing. Gustavo Padovan reviewed multiple patches related to the dma-buf driver, Helen Koike checked one patch for the virtual media controller, Sjoerd Simons tested some device tree enhancements for the arm64 based m3ulcb board, Sebastian Reichel reviewed multiple patches removing legacy OMAP code and the DT binding for a video multiplexer and last but not least Enric Balletbo i Serra tested the ARM Mali Midgard GPU DT bindings from Guillaume Tucker and multiple patches related to the cros_ec driver.

Down below you can see the complete list of Collabora contributions in this kernel release:

Here is the complete list of Collabora contributions:

Daniel Stone (1):

Enric Balletbo i Serra (2):

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (3):

Guillaume Tucker (4):

Gustavo Padovan (9):

Helen Koike (12):

Peter Senna Tschudin (1):

Robert Foss (2):

Romain Perier (3):

Sebastian Reichel (31):

Sjoerd Simons (3):

Thierry Escande (1):



Emil Velikov (1):

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (1):

Gustavo Padovan (5):

Helen Koike (1):

Sebastian Reichel (17):



Enric Balletbo i Serra (7):

Guillaume Tucker (1):

Gustavo Padovan (6):

Helen Koike (12):

Romain Perier (2):

Sebastian Reichel (48):

Thierry Escande (7):



Enric Balletbo i Serra (7):

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (1):

Sjoerd Simons (2):

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