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Kara Bembridge
December 29, 2022

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With only a few months passing since our last new joiner update, it should come as no surprise that the Collabora crowd has expanded yet again. Our flexible disposition affords us an exceptional bunch to onboard when opportunity knocks, but also leaves room to hear new voices as we shape our path forward.

We're fortunate that our newest team members will be able to bring fresh eyes to the departments of Core, Collabora Productivity, Graphics, DevOps, Multimedia, and People Operations. Their skills and innovation will help advance our many projects within the pipeline. Without further ado, let's meet our new teammates!

Rafael Garcia Ruiz

Rafael Garcia Ruiz joined as a Software Engineering Intern and is based in Spain. He has participated as an Outreachy intern working with Fedora which allowed him to learn about system programming and coding C. He is passionate about open source and is currently using Rust to learn and work.

Colin Kinloch

Colin Kinloch joined as a Software Engineer. Using Linux since 2010, he's tried to use exclusively open source technologies. Most of his career has been writing JavaScript, working with WebGL on the frontend and Node.js on the backend. Most of his C development has been contributing to open source projects recently related to wayland. He's been using the Rust language where possible on personal projects since 2016, usually utilizing Vulkan for graphics and jack and LV2 for music/sound projects. He applied to Collabora as he saw contributions to open source projects that looked interesting. He's always felt that open source and free licensing can produce better outcomes than alternatives and is happy working for a company that shares that view.

Naomi Obbard

Naomi Obbard joined Collabora Productivity as the Marketing Lead. With wide experience in email, social media, content, brand and community marketing, she is looking forward to applying her knowledge, and learning more within the Open Source world. In her spare time she loves to design her dream home, spend time at the gym and collect fridge magnets from around the world with her husband.

David Tressler

David Tressler joined as a Systems Administration Support Engineer. Based in the Cambridge Office, David is the newest member of the sysadmin Team. He mainly supports our internal users and has a huge passion for Usability, Documentation, and Training. Before joining Collabora, he worked as a Software Trainer at Apple and a Cinematography Camera Technician. He became passionate about Linux after first getting his hands on a Raspberry Pi back in 2016. And since then has been helping people adopt and transition to FOSS.

Skyler Grey

Skyler Grey is a Software Development Intern at Collabora. She's a student at Hills Road 6th Form College and loves working on Open Source software. In her spare time she builds robots with her college's robotics society, plays videogames and contributes to various open source projects such as NixOS.

Denis Shimizu

Denis Shimizu joined as a Senior Software Engineer. He has over 15+ years of working with embedded systems software in big companies of the segment, working with applications using Embedded Linux, Communication Networks, and Computer Vision. He has an MSc in Electrical Engineering focusing on Machine Learning for optical networks. Denis is passionate about Electrical Engineering and Computing and thinks it would be his main hobby if it were not his profession. He will be working with GStreamer and Multimedia related projects.

Nicola Anderson Gibbs

Nicola Anderson-Gibbs joined as an Engineering People Lead. She has over 20 years of experience working with and managing people within a variety of industries from advertising, and retail, to education. Most recently she has been coaching and teaching for the Chartered Management Institutes Certificate in Leadership and Management. She also achieved Certified Coach status with the ICF (International Coach Federation). Based in South West London, she is married, and a mother of 2 girls (aged 11 and 9). She enjoys running, swimming, yoga, and cooking vegetarian meals in her spare time.


That's a wrap for our 2022 new joiner updates. We do have a few new members we can't wait to introduce in the new year. 

As we strive to grow, there are sure to be new faces to meet in our pursuit to make open source solutions the optimum choice for all.

Stay tuned!


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