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Kara Bembridge
June 21, 2022

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Part steadfast approach - part welcoming spirit; Collabora continues to successfully expand with new talent amply on deck. Well ahead of the remote work curve, our new joiners have settled into their roles from their respective corners of the planet.

With complimentary sets of skills and innovative mindsets, our new members have made themselves at home in the Core, Engineering, Finance, People Operations, Machine Learning, Kernel, Graphics, and Marketing departments. Read on to get a sneak peek of our latest additions, including yours truly:

Igor Ponomarev

Igor Ponomarev joined Collabora as a software engineer consultant for the Core team. His expertise includes python, C, SQL, IPv6, and Debian packaging.

Rodrigo Belem

Rodrigo Belem joined Collabora as a software engineer. He is a founding member of the Local User Group - Brazil - Amazonas and Ubuntu Brazil. In addition to being a Ubuntu contributor, he has been a member of Kubuntu, KDE Development, and Qt Labs Brazil. You can also find his co-authored work Professional Ubuntu Mobile Development on Amazon. His current interests are open source, philosophy, road cycling, and raising good kids.

Vladimir Shakhov

Software developer and FOSS evangelist since early 2000, Vladimir Shakhov joined Collabora's core department. For the last 15 years, he has mostly worked on design and development of numerous Embedded Linux solutions; among them BMC firmware, video registers, set-top boxes, and network equipment. From time to time, he is contributing to FOSS projects (mostly Debian) and to local Linux communities in Eastern Europe as an organizer and lecturer. Now he's based in Poland and in his spare time he's still doing Linux things, acting as a Japanese karate fan, and social activist.

Danai Moutsouroufi

Danai Moutsouroufi joins us as an engineering people lead at Collabora. Originally from Athens, Greece but she has been based in Cambridge, UK for the past 10 years. Her career prior to joining Collabora was primarily in recruitment and team management. Although new to the software engineering field, she is extremely excited by the diverse team of engineers as well as Collabora's range of open-source projects.

Iwona Biala-Mieszkowska

Iwona Biala-Mieszkowska from Bedford, UK joined Collabora as an accounts assistant. She brings her 6 years of experience in working within accounts departments. Her primary focus is on accounts management and payroll. She is based in the Cambridge office.

Deirdre Daly

Deirdre Daly joins our Cambridge office as our first Global Salary Reward Specialist. She is Irish but is currently based in Cambridge, UK. Deirdre brings a wealth of experience working in different countries, with international organisations, in varying industries, and with distinct types of reward structures.

Vineet Suryan

Vineet Suryan joined Collabora as a software engineer for the machine learning department. He previously worked at a couple of startups that focused on computer vision solutions. He brings with him his expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, and his passion for reinforcement learning.

Dmitry Osipenko

Dmitry Osipenko joined Collabora's kernel team in February as a Senior Linux Kernel Developer. Based in Russia, he has over 8 years of experience contributing to the upstream kernel. He is also a maintainer of several kernel drivers. Besides kernel, he has worked on Android ROMs, QEMU, and video drivers.

Faith Ekstrand

Faith Ekstrand joined Collabora as an Engineering Fellow, driving upstream Linux and open-source 3D graphics technology. Before joining Collabora, she was the lead developer of Intel's Linux Vulkan driver as well as the NIR shader compiler and the common Vulkan runtime in the Mesa project. At Collabora, she hopes to continue pushing Linux graphics forward and ensure that Linux is at the forefront of graphics and computer technology. When she's not writing code, Faith enjoys playing video games as well as eating and occasionally cooking good food from around the world.

Sergio Gómez Del Real

Sergio Gómez Del Real joined Collabora as a Software Developer. As a mathematician, he's contributed to the open source world through a personal project called RealBoy (a Game Boy emulator), which he wrote while at university. With an infinity for strange books, he's read Lions' Commentary on Unix 6th Edition and has hacked a very rudimentary operating system. He remains very interested in everything pertaining to virtualization, emulators, virtual machines, and the like.

Kara Bembridge

Kara Bembridge joined Collabora as a marketing coordinator. With several years of experience within the field, she brings a keen eye for editing and a profound appreciation for well-written copy. Perhaps controversial to some, she will forever be a proponent of the Oxford comma.

Igor Torrente

Igor Torrente joined Collabora as an associate engineer. He has participated in the Linux kernel mentorship program and has made some contributions to Weston. He spends some of his time fixing drivers bugs and has some experience with Vulkan. An unofficial maintainer Nextcloud-Roundcube, he has plenty of experience with C and has also worked with c++, java, python, and PHP.

Sebastian Fricke

Sebastian Fricke from Germany joined the kernel team. He has a passion for open and free software and knowledge sharing in general. Bring with him a diverse range of skills from python to meticulousness, his optimistic outlook is well received in any project he undertakes. With experience within the Linux, Linux Kernel, and Libcamera environment, he continues to contribute to the development of the free software movement.

Constantine Shablya

Constantine Shablya joined Collabora as a software developer. His previous few years of work experience involved replacing some HMD's built-in tracking with a custom solution and integrating oddball input devices into Unreal Engine 4 VR games and VR B2B projects. His more relevant experience derives from digging around in Mesa and the overall sources of open source graphics drivers in his free time. He aspires that one day he'll make a dent at making programming GPUs more accessible.

Denys Fedoryshchenko

Denys Fedoryshchenko joined Collabora with a background in Telecom/networking, embedded Linux, EE, and with a wide spectrum of very interesting and challenging tasks. His view is that his amazing technology journey has just begun at Collabora. His dream is to invent something amazing alongside his fellow Collaborans that will make our world less boring.

Our team expansion not only enhances our readiness but also further enriches our perspective to tackle any challenges in our path. No matter the complexity of the problem, our open source prowess can help leapfrog any hurdles in your next project. Connect with us today to remedy your open source needs!


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