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Kara Bembridge
September 27, 2022

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With fresh faces wide-eyed for new challenges, Collabora happily welcomes new teammates to the growing roster! A testament to the open environment created by collaborative remote work, our latest joiners are equipped to contribute to the exciting projects we have in the works.

Adding a variety of expertise from across the globe, the departments of Core, Multimedia, Kernel, XR, People Operations, and DevOps now have more hands on deck. Discover a snapshot of our newest teammates below:

Julien Massot

Julien Massot joined Collabora as a Senior Software Engineer. He has more than 10 years of experience with embedded software such as Yocto, the Linux kernel, bootloaders, and the Zephyr project. He is an Open Source enthusiast and joined Collabora to continue to learn and contribute to Open Source software.

Jeny Sadadia

Jeny Sadadia has joined our core team as a Software Engineer Consultant based in India. Once an Outreachy intern working on KernelCI, she joined Collabora because it is a great opportunity for open source enthusiasts like her. She brings four years of experience working in a variety of areas including development, enhancement, and maintenance of Linux services for video management systems. Her expertise involves python programming and the development of Django web apps.

Jordan Yelloz

Jordan Yelloz is a general purpose Software Engineer and previously worked mainly for very small companies, as well as one large company, in a few different industries and is glad to finally work on open source software professionally. In his spare time, he likes to learn about new technologies and occasionally work on some of his own open source projects. He is originally from Southern California, USA, and is currently based in Northern Colorado.

Deborah Brouwer

Deborah Brouwer joined Collabora as a Software Intern to work on Video for Linux stateless decoder testing. Previously she completed an Outreachy internship with the Linux media subsystem. She is working on a computer science degree and lives on the west coast of Canada.

David Heidelberg

David Heidelberg has been an open source ecosystem contributor for more than 15 years. He has contributed to multiple FOSS projects, from front-end GNOME applications, libraries, and packaging, up to the kernel itself. He also worked on the development and integration of Linux Direct3D 9 support for the Mesa3D library (Gallium Nine). He's very interested in Linux mobile phones and driver upstreaming.

Sergi Blanch Torné

Sergi Blanch Torné has twenty years of experience developing software in different languages, but with Linux in the center and FLOSS in mind. Fifteen of those years he has worked producing scientific-free software in a variety of cases. From the development of agents for an Industrial Distributed System, down to kernel drivers, or up to user graphical interfaces. And now he has made the leap to contribute to a much more widely used FLOSS software.

Charlton Rodda

Charlton Rodda joined the XR team. While his previous role was in stream processing of data on a globally distributed backend, he has years of hobby experience in graphics and XR, including work on the Project North Star open source AR headset. He is passionate about the democratisation of the future of XR.

Michele Nightingale

Michele Nightingale has over 30 years experience in People Operations working mainly in the Research & Development sector. Based in Cambridge, UK, Michele supports her local football team Cambridge United and follows them home and away. Michele is married with one son and a Wirehaird Hungarian Vizla as a pet. Michele and her family love to travel and look forward to their holidays every year!

Paul Long

Paul Long has joined the People Operations team as an HRIS Specialist. He has over 25 years experience administering HR, Payroll, and Recruitment systems. Over his career he has implemented 7 new systems in the companies he's worked for. This is the first time he has worked with Linux. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, drawing, and painting.

Bjorn Swenson

Bjorn Swenson joined Collabora as a Software Developer on the XR team. He brings past experience working at VR startups and creating open source VR frameworks and tools. He loves C, Lua, and purple.

Daniel Morin

Daniel Morin joins with 16 years of software development experience, including work on embedded systems, multimedia systems, as well as video analytics. Highly skilled at video processing and GPU processing using CUDA, he has also mastered C, C++, and Python. A GStreamer lover at heart, he is likewise a free and open source enthusiast. He is delighted to be part of this organization that is a major player in FOSS.

Vinicius Fernandes Moreira

Vinicius Fernandes Moreira currently lives on the northern coast of São Paulo, Brazil, and joins as a Software Engineer Consultant. He's worked with software engineering since 2009, and has helped small and big companies from several fields (e-commerce, geo, health, security, transport, etc.). He's started and is maintaining two open source projects: bauh (graphical interface for managing your Linux applications) and guapow (an on-demand and auto optimizer for Linux applications). They are available on Github: https://github.com/vinifmor/bauh, https://github.com/vinifmor/guapow

Rogerio Alves Cardoso

Rogerio Alves Cardoso is a MsC in Computer Science has been programming for around 15 years and is passionate about Linux kernel and open source philosophy. He has been contributing to the open source community and projects for about 8 years now. He has joined as a Senior Software Engineer Consultant on the kernel team and is based in Brazil.

Virginie Delestrée

Virginie Delestrée joined the Collabora Cambridge office as a Project Manager. She is currently based in France, but previously lived in the UK for 7 years. She has more than 20 years of work experience in various domains such as IT, Testing, and Project Management (particularly in the Digital World and Open Source). She really enjoys working in an international environment with Collabora's globally distributed engineering team.

From tailoring the latest Open Source technologies to your projects, to integrating Open Source methodologies into your organization or contributing your code back to the community, you can count on Collabora to help you navigate the ever-evolving world of Open Source. Reach out to learn how we can best help you!


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  1. zdrowersi:
    Oct 19, 2022 at 08:59 PM

    All the best to whole Collabora Team. You guys do a great work!

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