12 reasons to join Collabora

12 reasons to join Collabora!

12 reasons to join Collabora

Posted on 14/12/2017 by Jassie Badion

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Ultimate work flexibility. Amazing clients. Cutting-edge technology. Brilliant colleagues. Globally distributed teams. Continuous learning opportunities. 

Open Source all day, every day.

Like what you see? Join us and make an impact. With less than 12 days to go before Christmas, here are 12 reasons, from 12 different people who became Collaborans this year, on why you should consider joining our team!

1. Open First.

Elie > Graphics team > January 2017: “I chose to join Collabora because I wanted to work on open source. Also, I saw the work done by the people at Collabora and I was thinking that it was the best place on earth to evolve as an engineer. Collabora allows me to work on projects that I care about, and because of this, I do my best to improve these projects and also help the community to evolve. Aside from contributing to projects that matter, I'm also learning from very smart people!”

2. Autonomy & personal growth.

Guillaume > Core team > January 2017: “I joined Collabora because I wanted to work in free software, and Collabora seemed like the ideal company for this, with a healthy business model and a good reputation. I also enjoy the flexibility to work at any time of the day and from home. My hope is that free software generally gives more meaning to the work of a developer. This hope, along with the high degree of autonomy and trust in Collabora Employees, are what motivates me at work to perform well.”

3. Work-life balance.

Hannah > People Operations (POps) Manager > March 2017: “I joined Collabora as it's a techie company with a forward-thinking approach and has a start up feel. With my skill set I have been able to add instant value to support the company in its growth. It motivates me knowing that the company respects and trusts me to do a great job, that my opinions count, and that I am valued. I also like that I work with great people and I can work from home and from the office. I love the fact that I can have a good career but I’m still able to collect my kids from school, watch the odd assembly and go back online in the evenings giving me the work life balance to be a good mum and employee!”

4. Flexible work arrangements.

Sebastian > Core team > April 2017: “After finishing my master's degree, I approached a few companies that work on open source software and the Linux kernel in particular. I chose them based on company names that I saw on the kernel mailing lists and in the Linux Weekly Newsletter's summaries (e.g. https://lwn.net/Articles/731794/). The second important bit for me was the ability to work remotely since I did not want to relocate, and there are only a few IT companies in my city with most of them working on closed projects. What I like about working at Collabora is that I am getting paid to work on open source software. I also like the flexibility of working from home with a loose timetable. It's something that I already liked during my studies.”

5. Stimulating, rewarding work.

Alexandros > Graphics team > June 2017: “Having great colleagues and working on interesting projects on the cutting edge of FOSS technologies. I also like that I get to work from home (or close to home), which when approached properly, can lead to a good work-life balance. Taking pride at work and having the feeling that I am contributing meaningfully to both the company and FOSS projects are what motivate me to perform well at work!”

6. Challenging assignments.

Carolyn > Finance team > November 2017: Carolyn, who recently joined our Finance team, describes Collabora as “progressive, dynamic, and diverse.” She joined as “it was a perfect match to what I was looking for – tech company, part-time and flexible work, and a North American connection. The challenges and cohorts at work are what motivate me to perform well.”

7. Personal & career development.

Jassie > POps team > January 2017: “Flexible hours and being able to work from home especially during super snowy days in Montreal! This is great also because I get to balance studying and working full-time, plus taking care of my fur babies! :3 I also work with great people and I get to use my knowledge and skills, and further develop them. Collabora has a learning culture that encourages everyone to never stop learning and developing. They provide support for my personal and career development, and I have great mentors!”

8. Endless opportunities.

Denis > Core team > June 2017: “I joined Collabora as it is a free source oriented company. Collabora lets me work from home (so no more open-space offices!!!), and provides a competitive salary for my country. The technical skills of engineers in the company gives me a chance to learn new technologies, tricks and approaches. I also really enjoy working with interesting people from different countries. The people I work with, along with interesting and challenging tasks, motivate me to perform well at work. They also provide me with a good opportunitiy to practice English. Finally, I like that I get to participate in conferences!”

9. Cutting-edge technologies.

Santosh > Web team > May 2017: “Collabora works on cutting edge open source technologies and provides great environment to grow in the software world. The work is interesting with enough challenges. Working from my home on the technology that interests me is really satisfying. It is also motivating to work with fantastic and talented team members in a collaborative environment.”

10. Globally distributed teams.

Jakob > Graphics team > October 2017: “It's great working with a diverse team here at Collabora, covering multiple fields of FOSS, and covering the whole globe. Having the choice of working from home and relocating to an office. The biggest perk here is that Collabora truly follows their motto 'Open First.'”

11. Continuous learning opportunities.

Olivier > Engineering Manager > January 2017: “I chose to join Collabora as I saw a genuine openness and transparency from the people who interviewed me, and that openness, as well as having opportunities to keep learning every day in a versatile environment sold it to me. We work with different customers and markets and have a strong software development culture, continuously searching for better ways of doing things. These are just a few of things that inspire me to continue working at Collabora. I also enjoy the flexible hours and being able to work remotely. Collabora is a great place to be, it has highly talented people from different horizons, cultures and countries all working together in as fast-paced and friendly environment.”

12. Perks, perks, perks.

George > Multimedia > January 2017: “I like having the ability to work on industry-leading open source software which I love, while being able to work from my home city and having a flexible work schedule! Aside from having these perks, I also feel comfortable with the work environment!”

Interested in joining? Visit our Careers page for all our current job opportunities!

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