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Kicking off 2023 with the MIT Reality Hack!

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Jakob Bornecrantz
January 11, 2023

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It's with excitement and nervousness that I'm writing this post, sitting on a plane heading to Boston where I will attend the MIT Reality Hack as a mentor. This is the first time I take part in this "AR/VR Metaverse Hackathon" so I'm not fully sure what to expect, but I'm certain that I will get to meet many excited hackers and mentors looking to explore the future of XR!

The hack spans 5 days where teams of hackers are formed on the first day when we all are there. The hacking continues until Sunday and ends on Monday with a closing ceremony followed by a public exhibition in the afternoon, see the full schedule here. While registration is now closed, it was open to anyone, and it looks like there will be a diverse crowd of people attending, young and old, both as hackers and mentors.

While as a XR Architect at Collabora I educate and guide our customers about OpenXR and XR technologies in general, this will be my first time mentoring at MIT Reality Hack and a hack in general. So hackers please be gentle with me, but do not let that dissuade you from talking with me because I love to share my knowledge and thoughts on OpenXR, open source, XR hardware, privacy in XR, and XR in general.

Onwards and upwards! And remember, Open First!

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