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Next Generation Sound System

PulseAudio is the current defacto standard audio system for Linux-based operating systems. It allows advanced operations on sound data as it is passed between applications and system hardware, such as on-the-fly redirection of audio output from speakers to a bluetooth headset, smart audio volume management, sample format or channel count conversion and combination of several sounds into one. This, and much more is easily achieved using PulseAudio.

Why PulseAudio?

With today's focus on convergence devices, where mobile phones, tablets, set top boxes, media servers and similar all seem to merge together, having an advanced high quality audio system is critical in order to launch a successful product.

Supported by top tier vendors and a vibrant community of developers, PulseAudio has established itself as the leading sound system standard on Linux and Unix-like systems. It has found adoption in all major Linux distributions as well as a number of embedded devices such as the Nokia N900/N9 and the HP Pre3 and Touchpad.

Key features that make PulseAudio a versatile choice for a host of products include:

  • Dynamic latency adjustment to provide low-latency or low-power, as required by applications
  • Flexible routing to deal with a spectrum of simple to complex devices and use-cases
  • A powerful powerful module system to make extending PulseAudio for specific purposes easy

How can Collabora help you with PulseAudio?

Collabora has a lot of experience and expertise on the PulseAudio sound system, offering a wide range of services and software around PulseAudio including:

  • Consulting assistance: being one of the major contributors to PulseAudio we have the knowledge and skills to help you get this crucial piece of technology integrated and working smoothly on top of your embedded hardware. Our engineers can provide strong PulseAudio and general multimedia skills for your development team, as well as providing the team with code and design review.
  • Custom development: do you need a specific feature added to PulseAudio for it to fit your needs? At Collabora we can help you implement that feature. Some examples of the work we have done include:
    • Porting PulseAudio to Android
    • Addition of echo cancellation, acoustic gain control and other enhancements to improve the user experience with VoIP applications
    • Support for compressed formats

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with a quote to implement features you need.

Some background on Collabora and PulseAudio

You can learn more, review the project's recent history and roadmap, or join the PulseAudio development community at the PulseAudio website.

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