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At Collabora we believe that Open Source is much more than a development model. Free and open access to software is the only way to cope with today's rate of innovation. None of the major technology innovations and infrastructure evolutions of the past 15 years would have been possible without Open Source.

As a copyright holder, giving others rights to evaluate, study, change and distribute software is the best way to enable innovation and prevent duplication of efforts. Exposing source code to the scrutiny of others has proven to Collabora to be the best way to invite participation. Via free licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI), software programmers enable not only their peers but anyone to learn from the code.

We believe that developing the vast majority of software publicly in a collaborative fashion must become the standard. Of course there will always be room for differentiated value; we don't suggest that every line of code must be made public (although that would be nice). Assisting customers maximize their use and contributions to Open Source is our raison d'être.

The heightened sense of independence that Open Source software provides is also critical for any organization embarking on a long journey with their initiative. Knowing that you are not going to be tied down to a specific vendor, or will not have to face being unable to address an issue even just a few years from now is unique to Open Source.

Collabora is delighted to see the open model reaching out into other technological areas outside software.

With many active participants in key projects like Debian, Wayland, GStreamer, Bluetooth, Mesa, and Rygel just to name a few, Collabora is uniquely positioned to assist any organization require assistance with Open Source. We can help your work with Open Source technologies, integrate Open Source methodologies into your organization, or help you contribute your code back to the Open Source world.

Collabora aims to constantly improve best practices when it comes to community engagement and licence compliance. If you have any questions about Collabora's open source licence compliance, please reach out at

Open Source Projects

Click below to learn more about some of the Open Source projects we're actively involved in.

Linux kernel GStreamer PipeWire Wayland WebKit Debian PulseAudio Rygel libnice D-Bus BlueZ LibreOffice
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