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The Premier Open Source Multimedia Framework

Collabora is the world's leading provider of consulting, development and training for GStreamer. GStreamer is the leading open source multimedia framework, powering everything from GNU/Linux servers and desktop systems to very demanding embedded devices such as always-on IP surveillance cameras.

Why GStreamer?

Getting multimedia right is hard. Very hard. A virtual forest of formats, protocols, standards, broken standards, broken files, and hardware types makes multimedia one of the most difficult areas to deal with. But GStreamer gets it right and has been proven to do so across a wide range of applications, operating systems, hardware platforms and devices for many years now. The wide deployment of GStreamer ensures that GStreamer benefits from continuous improvements and maintenance. As so many core contributors of GStreamer work at Collabora we are able to steward the project forward, ensuring quality is maintained and the varied use cases of our customers are addressed.

Collabora has been assisting customers most recently with their more complex multimedia needs recently such as DLNA compatibility and WebRTC for example. Specifications like CVP-2 Collabora has first-hand experience with, including aspects such as trick-play and trick-mode.

How can Collabora help you with GStreamer?

Today Collabora engineers are the main contributors to the GStreamer platform, continually enhancing GStreamer and making sure it remains the best choice for multimedia. We offer a wide range of services and software around the GStreamer framework including:

  • Consulting assistance: if you have a major project based around GStreamer we will be able to offer you experienced GStreamer engineers to help staff your project. We have worked successfully with many global top 500 companies using this model, helping them ensure GStreamer integrates perfectly with their devices and platforms. Our engineers can provide strong GStreamer and general multimedia skills for your development team, as well as providing the team with code and design review.
  • Training: if you're interested in improving your GStreamer expertise in-house, Collabora offers tailored GStreamer training classes for GStreamer development. Our leading GStreamer experts can come onsite to your organisation and train your engineers in the design and use of GStreamer. Whether your team's main job is writing new plugins and elements for GStreamer or writing applications using GStreamer, we've got the training program for you.
  • Custom development: specific piece of functionality you need from GStreamer? We are happy to give you a fixed price quote for implementing it, be that extending the core of GStreamer, writing a new plugin or by adding functionality to an existing GStreamer plugin. If you are interested in using GStreamer for your product, but GStreamer currently lacks a few bits and pieces to do exactly what you need, let us know and we'll be happy to provide a proposal to resolve it.
  • Architecture: when developing your application or system around GStreamer a critical success factor is choosing the right approach. Our GStreamer architects can help with design review and creation, ensuring that you take full advantage of the GStreamer architecture. Getting the architecture right from the start can cut down months of your total development time and investing in expert advice early in the project can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

Some background on Collabora and GStreamer

Collabora's initial contribution to the GStreamer community was taking GStreamer into the realm of VoIP and videoconferencing. In collaboration with our customers we have added specific features to the system, such as making sure that GStreamer got top of the line RTP support and support for advanced video-editing functionality through the GStreamer editing services. Collabora also created the GStreamer add-on modules for the RTSP streaming server (gst-rstp-server) and helps maintain the DLNA framework for GStreamer, called Rygel.


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