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Powerful Inter-application Desktop Infrastructure

Collabora has strong expertise and interest in D-Bus, a message bus that allows applications, frameworks, and low-level system components to communicate with each other. This essential piece of Linux infrastructure connects everything from chat clients to the Nautilus file manager, the Common Unix Printing System, and music players. This means that businesses can create systems that interact with desktop applications, or create applications which leverage powerful services ranging from power management to real-time communications and presence.

D-Bus was started on freedesktop.org in 2002 as a cross-desktop effort to allow tighter integration between applications and the underlying system. Prior to D-Bus, GNOME and KDE each had incompatible IPC systems. D-Bus has enabled new application frameworks to be developed, helping developers add compelling features to their applications regardless of desktop environment or computing platform.

Collabora develops Telepathy, a real-time communications framework built on D-Bus. Using D-Bus, Telepathy is able to allow applications to share connections to various services. Telepathy can also broker a D-Bus connection between two or more contacts and automatically proxy the D-Bus messages across the underlying protocol using the Telepathy Tubes API.

Collabora's major D-Bus contributors include co-founder Robert McQueen, who founded Telepathy as a D-Bus interface, and Simon McVittie, whose thoughts on D-Bus's interfaces and GLib bindings are influential in the D-Bus community.

You can learn more, review the project's recent history and roadmap, or join the D-Bus development community at the D-Bus wiki.

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