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The Official Linux Bluetooth Stack

In a world where mobile devices, computers and accessories are meant to interoperate wirelessly with each other, first-class Bluetooth support is a necessity.

About Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an industry standard for secure data exchange over short distances. Bluetooth has been widely used for hands-free telephony, wireless audio streaming, file transfers, wireless personal area networks (PANs) and multiple IoT usecases where low-power radio transmission is a must. Thousands of companies take part in the special interest group governing the specification, qualification programme and trademarking of this technology. Over the years, multiple revisions of the Bluetooth specification have been published.

BlueZ: Bluetooth on Linux

As the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack since 2001, BlueZ encompasses kernelspace modules and the bluetoothd userspace daemon.

BlueZ provides real hardware abstraction and out-of-the-box support for the vast majority of Bluetooth devices, including support for all major profiles and security modes they require. BlueZ's modular implementation has been successfully used in many devices, including Android phones, TomTom GPS navigation systems, Nokia's Linux-based phones, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and so on.

How can Collabora help you with Bluetooth?

As contributors to the BlueZ project, we have proven expertise around Bluetooth hardware enablement.

  • Consulting assistance: Collabora can help you get BlueZ up and running on your product, provide support towards making it interoperate with various Bluetooth devices on the market. You have your own device and wish to make it interoperate via Bluetooth? You need help to review and upstream your code, or assistance to develop new features or profiles?
  • Custom development: while BlueZ already supports the majority of Bluetoth profiles, new profile specifications and features are showing up on an ongoing basis. New Bluetooth devices are constantly being introduced, meaning that you always need to keep your product up-to-date to ensure compatibility. Collabora can provide the development skills you need to achieve lower power consumption, outstanding compatibility and robustness for your Bluetooth-enabled product.

Need help with BlueZ? Contact us now!

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