Open Source Training

At Collabora we believe that knowledge and experience should be shared. In the same way we develop software, sharing insights and expertise is core to our belief. Our training services focus on Open Source and technologies we are uniquely familiar with.

Is your organization interested in adopting Open Source? Not quite sure how to go about it?

We have introduced companies of all sizes to Open Source development and contributions. Training your engineers will also ensure that your company is ideally placed to utilize Open Source, even if you are not able to actively participate in the community. The role of your organization in Open Source may take many forms. Our training covers them all, ensuring your management team understands the ins-and-outs of the various potential levels of engagement.

All of our training is tailored to our customer, leveraging a vast baseline of material Collabora has developed over the years.

GStreamer training

In the field of specialist technical training, Collabora has been educating developers on GStreamer for over 6 years. With hands-on exercises and particular attention to your specific usage of GStreamer, our training has proven extremely effective at accelerating the development of our customers' solutions.

Technical training

Other areas of training include the ever elusive build and infrastructure (B&I) aspects of Open Source. Making sure that ramp-up time doesn't affect your time to market is always a priority for us. It is vital to ensure your workforce is proficient with all the tools available in open source, and it understands the toolchain and how your solution is created. Collabora has helped companies embrace solutions such as these with great success, including GNU tools, Yocto, Open Build Service, Merge-o-magic (including our very own greatly improved version), Jenkins, Autotest, Lava, Redmine, Bugzilla, and more.

Seeking a partner to assist you with your training needs around Open Source?

Look no further, we will be delighted to hear your requirements and propose an education solution that will meet your goals.

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Faster graphics performance, better browsing

Faster graphics performance, better browsing

Helping the Raspberry Pi Foundation transform desktop performance.

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