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New Operating System for all

Helping Endless evaluate and enable hardware platforms for product suitability

Customers with passion and a vision are always a pleasure to work with. Endless defines what it is like to be driven by a mission. Their mission started with the desire to provide access to Information Technology to those for whom it is out of reach. The quest for a suitable operating system and applications began.

Hardware enablement

After months of iterations on the software, it became clear that a dedicated hardware solution was needed. Endless worked with Collabora to define the overall hardware platform requirements. Then Collabora created the corresponding infrastructure required to produce the operating system.

OS Build and Infrastructure

The Open Source community has made it easy for anyone to create a new GNU/Linux distribution today. Building a few open source projects once and packing them into a system image seems accessible to all.

However, only a few can reliably create a solid base for a product as this requires specific expertise. Collabora, with 10 years of experience, is one of the leaders in this area.

Collabora provided Endless with an infrastructure to build and distribute its software packages in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way.

Being in complete control meant that Endless could create the product experience without royalties or other OS dependencies.

Looking ahead

Collabora continues to work with Endless to ensure the operating system takes full advantage of the hardware platform. Support for accelerated video to ensure the smoothest user experience is an example of ongoing work.

Endless is delivering computers to those without Internet access currently focusing on Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil.

"Rolling through that timeline, there was a moment where we really had one last shot. And you helped us make that shot count. We hit the mark. Thank you for making this dream a reality."Matt Dalio - CEO & Chief of Product, Endless
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