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Innovating in digital signage

Helping ONELAN further its adoption and optimization of Open Source web technologies

For over 10 years, ONELAN has been trailblazing the digital signage industry, providing a rich multimedia communication platform on which businesses can build their wider marketing strategies. Ensuring its systems utilized the latest web technologies has been key component in ONELAN's success.

OS web content rendering

Having previously adopted and recognized the benefits of Open Source technologies, ONELAN turned to Collabora for consulting services around the WebKitGTK+ Open Source project, a full-featured web content engine.

Working alongside ONELAN's engineering team, Collabora ported ONELAN's digital signage Net-Top-Box (NTB) player from WebKit to WebKit2, bringing improved performance and stability benefits to its industry leading platform.

Through implementation analysis, RPM packaging assistance and software validation, Collabora successfully completed and delivered a fully-functional system, ensuring all key functionality requirements were met, such as the on-screen keyboard, an integral component of the touch screen display.

Looking ahead

Collabora continues to assist ONELAN in ensuring their NTB player continuously improve in functionality and performance and meets their clients' specific needs. Addressing new HTML5 technological advancements is another example of ongoing work.

ONELAN continues to develop high quality, innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications for a wide array of industries.

"Working with “Best of Breed” partners like Collabora is what helps ONELAN offer products that differentiate it from its competition. Providing our customers with the highest possible product quality is a key objective for ONELAN and Collabora supports us in achieving that goal."Mark Cronin - Technical Director, ONELAN

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