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GStreamer and the leading RDK

Bringing the latest Open Source technologies to Comcast's industry-leading RDK platform

As the world's largest cable operator, Comcast provides software design standards for cable box manufacturers to adhere to, significantly accelerating the deployment of next-gen services to customer-premises equipment.

Thanks to the adoption of Open Source technologies within these standards, Comcast's Reference Design Kit (RDK) allows multiple hardware vendors to share the same software platform, a key feature in the RDK's success.

OS multimedia framework

Keen on ensuring its RDK supports the latest in Open Source software developement, Comcast sought Collabora's expertise in integrating the latest GStreamer version into its industry-leading platforms.

Using the Yocto Project framework, Collabora's multimedia team successfully upgraded Comcast's RDK platform from GStreamer 0.10 to 1.x., ensuring key performance requirements, such as CPU and memory utilization, were met.

Along with bringing key feature and performance enhancements, the latest GStreamer version enables standard hardware accelerated zero-copy pipelines, allowing the use of existing, unmodified GStreamer plugins.

Looking ahead

Supported by more than 250 licensees including CE and SoC manufactures, software developers, system integrators, and MVPDs from around the world, Comcast's RDK continues to lead the way in providing a common framework for the deployment of next-gen video products and services.

Collabora is proud to work with Comcast in ensuring the integration of the latest Open Source technologies and performance enhancements into its RDK.

"Partnering on the RDK with Comcast, a true industry leader who understands the value of Open Source software, aligns perfectly with Collabora's mission."Philippe Kalaf - CEO, Collabora
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