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Open Source Software Consulting

Collabora excels at combining the services of expert solutions engineers with the benefits of Open Source technologies. Our expertise spans across all key areas of Open Source software development, from graphics, multimedia and web engines, to complete, integrated solutions.

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Actively involved in the development of numerous Open Source projects such as the Linux kernel, Debian, Apertis and Yocto, Collabora can help you leverage GNU/Linux as effectively as possible through hardware enablement, turn-key builds and continuous integration. Using our deep expertise, we have helped dozens of customers optimize their software stack to meet their requirements.

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As a leading contributor to the Wayland and Weston projects, the Linux kernel, Mesa, OpenGL ES and Vulkan, Collabora specializes in protocol design, graphics driver integration and improvements, system-wide optimization and achieving performant zero-copy graphics and multimedia pipelines. Collabora leads the development of Panfrost, the Open Source driver for Arm Mali GPUs.

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Across the digital media ecosystem, whether it's capture, transcoding or playback, Collabora integrates leading Open Source projects such as GStreamer, PipeWire, FFmpeg and Video4Linux, with the latest multimedia standards. At the intersection of capture interfaces, graphics drivers and display controllers, Collabora brings unmatched multimedia expertise.

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Collabora offers expertise across all major web engines, including WebKit, WebKit2, Gecko and Blink/Chromium. Whether it's customization, hardware acceleration, complex multimedia integration, browsers or hybrid applications, we can help. Collabora has worked on multiple projects ranging from simple bug fixing to completely customized web browsers.

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Whether you are looking for some assistance supplementing your development team or need a complete turn-key implementation, Collabora has unmatched Open Source experience throughout the stack to help you get to market as quickly as possible while making the right technical decisions.

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Thanks to Collabora's architecture and development, LibreOffice is in the Cloud. Collabora Online enables you to access and edit office documents from any location, author new content and share your work across desktop, mobile and online platforms. We also deliver enterprise-ready desktop versions of LibreOffice, under the Collabora Office and GovOffice brands.

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