Training “Fast track to effective open source development.”

If your staff doesn't know how to integrate open source software and practices into their workflow, or just needs help understanding a specific framework, we'll train them. We'll work one-on-one or teach classes, and we'll come onsite or use teleconferencing and online collaboration tools.

We can guide you into the open source culture. Our training includes answers to questions like:

Collabora developers include major contributors to, and maintainers of, several open source projects. Thus, Collabora also offers technology-specific training. If you want to work with Telepathy, Farstream, D-Bus, GStreamer, PiTiVi, libnice, or WebKit, a series of personalised classes with Collabora staffers can get you up and running fast.

GStreamer maintainer and Collabora engineer Wim Taymans performed training sessions for one client, and worked with them to design and expand the RTSP serving capabilities of GStreamer, which in turn they added to their devices. During Taymans's multiple weeklong training sessions, he helped improve their in-house GStreamer skills, and reviewed, refined and integrated their contributions to GStreamer.

Customised training from Collabora gets your developers a rich and intense learning experience and sets them up to succeed.