Project management “Strong leadership and sensible logistics.”

Collabora's project managers and technical leads work with your existing team to keep development on schedule and keep people focused.

Our lightweight processes can integrate with your traditional, Agile, Scrum, or open source methodologies. Whether managing Collabora's developers or yours, project management often takes care of these tasks

Project managers at Collabora also understand the unusual constraints and opportunities that come with open source work. When we customise open source software for our clients, we aren't just satisfying their business needs. We're negotiating with a developer community, a devoted user base, a project release schedule, and integration into major desktops and distributions.

Strong, consistent project management can save a deadline, a release, and an entire product. And it'll reassure core, occasional and future developers and testers -- not to mention marketing, systems administration and operations, and the other parts of your enterprise.