Development “From concept to code.”

Collabora's developers have experience developing software at all levels of the technology stack, from kernel modifications and drivers to end-user applications, on desktops, servers, and embedded systems. If you have a spec, we'll build to it; if you don't, we'll help you write one first. We'll happily build your entire project, review your existing code, or just drop in to develop a particular feature or plugin.

Collabora can customise open source code to suit your needs in a variety of areas, including:

Some past Collabora projects

Collabora Multimedia enabled the Songbird music player to use GStreamer across Linux, Mac OS, and Windows platforms. You can read more about our development work with creators Pioneers of the Inevitable in our Songbird case study. Our development work has also put us in partnership with clients like Novell, iRex AXIS, and One Laptop Per Child.

Every developer at Collabora brings to your project not only engineering skills, but a deep understanding of open source culture and methods. You'll get code that can be easily upstreamed to open source project maintainers, so the community can enjoy new features and you can enjoy their bugfixes and improvements. All code written by Collaborans undergoes code review before it gets committed. And Collaborans are used to working remotely, via email and chat, with colleagues old and new.

Using open source technologies, our developers can get your project done with less waste and more polish.