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Case study

Banshee is the jukebox/media player built into the SuSE Linux distribution. The Banshee developers wanted Banshee to be able to, out of the box, interoperate with iPods and compatible devices.

As the experts on GStreamer, a key technology in the architecture of Banshee, Collabora was a natural choice for implementing Banshee's compatibility with Apple's m4a (AAC in mp4) audio file format. Since it involves open specifications, "it was a rather straightforward problem/solution setting," says Collabora Multimedia director Christian Schaller.

Within a few months, Collabora Multimedia software developer Mark Nauwelaerts had created a set of AAC audio codec plugins, ensured the code worked as a GStreamer plugins, and verified the Quicktime muxing component of GStreamer (mainly qtmux) to ensure that Banshee could import and export files freely with the iPod.

Thanks to Collabora's GStreamer expertise, SuSE users can now use Banshee as their music centre, whether their files are in Ogg, MP3, or AAC.

Features of Banshee 1.4

Features of Banshee 1.4