Architecture “Help clients with architecture, design, & technology selection.”

Which Linux distribution is the best fit for your project? Which hardware? Which framework or window manager? How should the pieces fit together? Which tradeoffs suit the needs of your product and schedule? Collabora's experienced engineers assess your situation, review existing open source solutions, and design a recommended architecture.

Collabora's expertise in open source technologies, methodology, philosophy and tools means we can advise on design and architecture in several fields, including:

For one client, for example, Collabora Multimedia (the experts on GStreamer) helped redesign a platform, making it more modular and leveraging the power of GStreamer. We also helped the One Laptop Per Child project design their collaboration framework (case study).

Once we've written a specification for you, it's ready to be handed off to your engineers (or ours) to implement. You'll emerge with a more durable architecture, and one that wisely takes advantage of the most suitable open source components.