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Android is a very popular mobile platform managed by Google which is embedded in millions of phones and tablets. It is based on a few open source technologies such as the linux kernel and the popular WebKit HTML engine. Google has created an extensive set of technologies that are specific to Android with limited use outside the platform.

How can Collabora assist you with Android?

Collabora has done a lot of development work around the Android platform and has been active in bringing diversity and differentiation to the platform through advanced open source projects to replace some of Android specific technologies.

As examples, Collabora has done two full ports of GStreamer to Android, one fully integrated using GStreamer for all media handling on Android, including the system bundled applications and another port which functions as a separate development kit for developers wanting to use GStreamer within their applications running on Android. We have also ported the PulseAudio sound server to Android as explained in this development blog from our PulseAudio expert. We are also working on bringing the powerful Telepathy messaging and collaboration system to Android.

By bringing these strong open source technologies to Android, Collabora aims to enable our customers and the Android ecosystem to build new and exciting applications and add unique features to their products while re-use existing knowledge and expertise.

At Collabora we are prepared to support our customers with Android needs in a wide variety of ways. We can help you

We also got experienced and proven developers with in-depth knowledge of major Android components like:

We are able to work using a wide variety of working models for Android consulting depending on customer needs such as:

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As software becomes more complex, it's much faster to use existing open source technologies than to start from scratch. You'll benefit from collaboration between different developers on the same project. There's less duplication of effort and staffers waste less time. In fact, in the long run, it's difficult for closed source projects to compete with established open source projects.

You can find out more about Android here: official Google Android homepage.

The Android robot on this page is a modification based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Developer biography

Reynaldo Verdejo

Reynaldo Verdejo

Reynaldo is a long time FOSS developer with bits of code in FFmpeg, MPlayer, OLPC, Mythtv and others. At Collabora he has been working extensively on porting and integration on Android devices of various open source libraries. He lives in Chile.