Services “Practical open source design and delivery.”

Collabora provide our clients with a full suite of open source software services. We manage projects, advise on product and architectural decisions, develop features and applications (and integrate them into the open source community), build and maintain infrastructure, and train companies in open source principles and practices.


Collabora's developers have experience developing software at all levels of the technology stack, from kernel modifications and drivers to end-user applications, on desktops, servers, and embedded systems. If you have a spec, we'll build to it; if you don't, we'll help you write one first. We'll happily build your entire project, review your existing code, or just drop in to develop a particular feature or plugin.


At Collabora, we believe that the open source methodology is the future of software development, if only for practical reasons. If your organisation's executives are asking “why?” and “how?” our consultancy services can provide the answer. As software becomes more complex, it's much faster to use existing open source technologies than to start from scratch. You'll benefit from collaboration between different developers on the same project. There's less duplication of effort and staffers waste less time. In fact, in the long run, it's difficult for closed source projects to compete with established open source projects.

Project management

Collabora's project managers and technical leads work with your existing team to keep development on schedule and keep people focused.

Our lightweight processes can integrate with your traditional, Agile, Scrum, or open source methodologies.


Doing open source projects properly requires a digital infrastructure -- such as a website, a bug tracker, and version control software -- and a social infrastructure -- such as a roadmap, a mailing list, and a guide for new developers. Collabora maintains this infrastructure for several projects, such as Telepathy, GStreamer, libnice, PiTiVi, and Farstream. If you need guidance, or just want to hire someone to set up and maintain this infrastructure for you, Collabora can help.


If your staff doesn't know how to integrate open source software and practices into their workflow, or just needs help understanding a specific framework, we'll train them. We'll work one-on-one or teach classes, and we'll come onsite or use teleconferencing and online collaboration tools.


Which Linux distribution is the best fit for your project? Which hardware? Which framework or window manager? How should the pieces fit together? Which tradeoffs suit the needs of your product and schedule? Collabora's experienced engineers assess your situation, review existing open source solutions, and design a recommended architecture.

Case studies

We've worked with many organisations to solve problems using open source technology. Here, we select a few clients and present case studies of that work. These summaries offer examples of several services that we provide. Please feel free to contact us to ask for further references.