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Collabora is proud to offer expertise in WebKit and several related projects to its clients. Collabora have supported and enabled clients for a wide variety of webkit ports, such as the Clutter, GTK+ and Qt ones and have enabled new HTML5 technology using GStreamer with WebKit for our clients. Collabora is also working with relevant groups and standard organizations to extend HTML5 to cover new use cases and tasks, like video editing and real-time communications.

Why WebKit?

WebKit is an open source web browser engine. To quote Adele Peterson of the WebKit project, "WebKit begins where the chrome ends." That is to say, WebKit powers browsers, email clients, RSS and media readers, chat applications, weblog and text editors, and more applications on all platforms, including desktop and mobile. Most famously, the backend rendering engine for the Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers is WebKit and the same goes for their mobile browsers on Android and iPhone.

How can Collabora help you with WebKit?

Today Collabora engineers are major contributors to the WebKit ecosystem. We have been involved in porting to new toolkits, extending rendering functionality, debugging and testing WebKit for our clients. We have also added new functionality to WebKit, enabling features such as video editing and real-time video conferencing through the browser.

We offer a wide range of services and software around WebKit including:

Some background on Collabora and WebKit

Developers at Collabora have contributed enhancements and fixes to the core of WebKit. They've also taken the lead in porting WebKit to make it more useful in GTK+ and Qt embedded environments.

For example, Gustavo Noronha is a maintainer for WebKitGTK+, and Marco Barisione has also substantially contributed to the project. WebKitGTK+ enables GNOME-based projects, such as the Midori and Epiphany browsers and the Empathy chat client. For example, WebKitGTK+ provides a regular GtkWidget and JavaScriptCore for use in application windows. and have more information.

Also, QtWebKit, also known as WebKitQt, includes several contributions from Collaborans. Jonathon Jongsma, Siraj Razick, Ian Monroe, and Marc Ordinas i Llopis have improved the usability of WebKit in Qt environments by working on editing, zoom, SVG fonts, graphics. Collabora developer Marc Ordinas i Llopis also implemented Flash NS plugins in both the Qt and GTK+ ports of WebKit.

In addition, Collabora is actively contributing to the Clutter Webkit port. Gustavo Noronha, Joone Hur and Tomeu Vizoso are amongst the key developers of the port. You can find out more about the Clutter Webkit port here.

WebKit's versatility and suitability for embedded devices appeals to Collabora and our clients. We often recommend WebKit-based solutions and can adapt a version of WebKit to a client's need. Our work on the iRex ebook reader provides a study

To learn more about WebKit, or to start contributing, visit the at WebKit project home page.

Interview with Gustavo Noronha Silva about WebKit

We have conducted and published this interview with Gustavo Noronha Silva about the WebKit and Collabora's involvement with WebKit.

Developer biography

Gustavo Noronha

Gustavo Noronha

Gustavo Noronha lives in Brazil and works on Debian, GNOME, WebKit and Epiphany. Gustavo is a maintainer for WebKitGTK+ and the libgksu/gksu project, and enjoys working with Python, Django and C. In his spare time, Gustavo likes reading (especially science fiction and fantasy) and playing strategy and video games.