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Rygel is a open source Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) implementation that provides full DLNA support. Combined with the gupnp library, Rygel DLNA contains everything you need for all type of DLNA devices like servers, control points and renderers.

Why Rygel?

Rygel is a mature, open source and successfully deployed DLNA implementation with contributions from many different companies and open source community members. It was originally designed to run on mobile phone hardware, ensuring that its keep efficient and suitable for limited resource devices. Built on top of the GStreamer multimedia framework and the Gupnp stack, it leverages well tested and widely deployed technologies.

How can Collabora help you with Rygel?

Today Collabora engineers are among the main contributors to Rygel, continually enhancing and improving it to cover new DLNA components and standards as they emerge. We offer a wide range of services and software around Rygel including:

More on Rygel

You can find more information about the Rygel project on the upstream Rygel website.

Developer biography

Luis de Bethencourt

Luis de Bethencourt

Luis de Bethencourt is a freedom-lover technocrat, and has always enjoyed programming and playing around with video, so since he discovered GStreamer years ago he's been hooked. Originally from the Canary Islands, computers felt like a door to the world, and saw in Linux the best way to open it, see how it all works, and become a part of it. He currently works for Collabora and enjoys contributing to projects like Gstreamer Editing Services, Rygel, PiTiVi, freemix or snappy.