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As we are moving into a media centric world, video editing features is growing in importance. Collabora provides a set of core technologies which aims to address this need, in the form of GStreamer Editing Services (GES) and PiTiVi.

What is GStreamer Editing Services

The "GStreamer Editing Services" (GES) is a software library to simplify the creation of multimedia editing applications. Based on the GStreamer multimedia framework and the GNonLin set of plugins, its goals are to suit all types of editing-related applications. The GStreamer Editing Services was created by Collabora engineer Edward Hervey, building upon his experience with developing on various embedded platforms and the development of the PiTiVi desktop video editor.

How can the GStreamer Editing Services help your product?

Consumers are growing to expect that phones, tablets and other handheld devices will ship with basic video editing functionality. With the use of GES, manufacturers can quickly and easily add support for such features on their devices. Our editing libraries aims towards low CPU overhead and as minimal loss of quality through lossless editing.

The GStreamer Editing Services are a C based library, built on top of GStreamer and the gnonlin plugins, with an API making it very easy to build a graphical user interface on top of it. So far we have worked user interfaces for the GStreamer Editing Services using HTML5, Android, Qt (QML) and GTK+ toolkits.

Collabora has been demonstrating our touch based mobile editing solutions at various trade shows and conferences around the world and look forward to talking with even more device makers about how these tools can help improve their products going forward.

How can Collabora help you with GStreamer Editing Services?

Our experienced engineers can quickly help you incorporate the GStreamer Editing Services into your product. Being the main developers of both GStreamer and the GStreamer Editing Services, combined with a very long track record of embedded development and hardware codecs, we are uniquely positioned to help enable GStreamer Editing Services on your device.

More Information

Collabora has made a simple video editor in HTML5 with a touch screen interface as a showcase of the potential of combining HTML5, WebKit and GStreamer Editing Services. The video below shows you this editor in action.

What is PiTiVi

PiTiVi is an open source desktop video editing application aimed at the Linux desktop. Built on top of the GStreamer multimedia framework it aims at becoming the leading video editing application for the linux desktop. It also functions as a catalyst for pushing GStreamer forward as a framework for doing editing applications in general.

PiTiVi Development History

Edward Hervey started the PiTiVi project in 2004, with the goal of creating an easy-to-use open source video editor. In 2007, Collabora announced its Multimedia division, set up by leading open source multimedia experts, including Edward Hervey. Edward continues to maintain PiTiVi, with active contributions from a long list of developers inside and outside Collabora. PiTiVi is being shipped by more and more Linux distributions as their primary video editing tool.

Thanks to GStreamer and Collabora, PiTiVi was the first open source video editor to add full support for the SMPTE standardized MXF container format, essential for integrating into the workflow of professional content companies. PiTiVi also supports the VC-2 and VC-3 codecs, which aims to be used for close to lossless storage of digital content and editing processes.

How can Collabora help you with PiTiVi?

If you are interested in incorporating PiTiVi into your content production workflow on the desktop or on server systems, and are interested to learn how we can assist you, please get in touch with us, you find all relevant information on our contacts page.

Collabora and Standards Organizations

At Collabora we also undertake efforts such as trying to get a standardized mapping for VC-2 inside the MXF container format adopted by the SMPTE.

More information

For information on PiTiVi, including design documentation and developer information, see the PiTiVi web site.

Developer biography

Edward Hervey

Edward Hervey

Edward Hervey founded PiTiVi during his final year at the EPITECH engineering school in Paris. He soon found that PiTiVi's needed required improvements to the GStreamer framework, and began developing them. At Collabora, Edward managed the PiTiVi team, launched the GES project and continues to contribute on a daily basis to GStreamer.