Services “Practical open source design and delivery.”

As part of our everyday work, we contribute to many open source projects. When there isn't an existing project that can fulfill our or our clients' needs, we create a new one, and foster a community for it. We have significant expertise and experience in several projects, such as:

Real-time communications - Telepathy

Telepathy is an open-source, real-time communications framework that is developed primarily by Collabora Ltd. Using Telepathy, businesses can build applications that can discover and communicate with users' contacts. Telepathy provides an abstraction over the underlying communications protocols and provides provides services such as text chat, voip and video, file transfers, and geolocation. Furthermore, the Telepathy Tubes API provides a simple and powerful mechanism for application-specific protocols to be used through Telepathy.

Audio and Videoconferencing - Farstream

Collabora is the founder and maintainer of Farstream, an audio and video conferencing framework. With Farstream, businesses can easily create a multi-platform, multi-user audio/video conference solution that supports a wide range of codecs. Simply put, Farstream (formerly Farsight) is an advanced VoIP/video streaming engine capable of dealing with all known audio/video conferencing protocols.

Multimedia framework - GStreamer

One of Collabora's flagship projects is GStreamer, which is a multimedia framework for constructing graphs of media-handling components. This means that businesses can easily create customised pipelines allowing media playback, transcoding, media streaming, video editing, etc. GStreamer is at the heart of the Songbird music player, the PiTiVi video editor, and a multitide of other applications.

NAT traversal - libnice

Collabora is the leading source of expertise in libnice, a NAT traversal library implementing the RFC draft for Interactive Connectivity Establishement (ICE). One of the main hurdles with the NAT infrastructures used widely on the Internet today is to establish direct connection between two users. This is essential for tasks like VoIP, file transfers and collaborative applications. Libnice solves this problem by implementing the ICE methodology.

IPC messaging - D-Bus

Collabora has strong expertise and interest in D-Bus, a message bus that allows applications, frameworks, and low-level system components to communicate with each other. This essential piece of Linux infrastructure connects everything from chat clients to the Nautilus file manager, the Common Unix Printing System, and music players. This means that businesses can create sytems that interact with desktop applications, or create applications which leverage powerful services ranging from power management to real-time communications and presence.

Video editing - PiTiVi and GES

The GStreamer Editing Services and PiTiVi are our efforts in the space of video and audio editing. Collabora created the GStreamer Editing Services to be able to quickly and easily add basic video editing support to any mobile and embedded device..

PiTiVi is our linux desktop Video editing application, which we aim to make the leading video editor for linux systems and a driving force behind pushing multimedia editing support forward both in GStreamer in general and in the GStreamer Editing Services.

Web browsing - Webkit

Collabora is proud to offer expertise in WebKit and several related projects to its clients. WebKit is an open source web browser engine. To quote Adele Peterson of the WebKit project, "WebKit begins where the chrome ends." That is to say, WebKit powers browsers, email clients, RSS and media readers, chat applications, weblog and text editors, and more applications on all platforms, including desktop and mobile. Most famously, the backend rendering engine for the Safari web browser is WebKit.

Advanced Sound Server - PulseAudio

PulseAudio is the latest and most advanced sound system for Linux-based operating systems. It allows for advanced operations on the sound data as it is being passed between the applications and system hardware. Operations like redirecting the audio output on the fly from device speakers to a bluetooth headset, changing the sample format or channel count and mixing several sounds into one are easily achieved using PulseAudio.

DLNA - Rygel

Rygel is a open source Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) implementation that provides full DLNA support. Combined with the gupnp library and GStreamer, Rygel DLNA contains everything you need for all type of DLNA devices like servers, control points and renderers. Collabora has been contributing to this project for a long time and can help you with integrating it into your products.

Bluetooth - BlueZ

Bluetooth is the industry standard for wireless personal area networks (PANs), allowing the secure exchange of data over short distances.

BlueZ is the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack, including kernelspace modules and the bluetoothd userspace daemon.


One of the most difficult challenges in creating any polished and smooth system—from an embedded system running your car stereo to a full-fledged desktop—is getting the graphics software right.

Collabora has developed unique expertise in the entire graphics stack, from X and Wayland to various user interface and canvasing toolkits such as GTK+, Clutter, Qt, WebKit, etc.

Productivity - LibreOffice

With level 3 bugfixing support services and an enterprise-ready, fully-supported version of LibreOffice on all major platforms, Collabora can address your productivity needs. For those looking to provide LibreOffice as a complement to their service offerings, a reseller programme is also available.