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Collabora Productivity targets a marketplace of one billion desktops

Collabora Productivity targets a marketplace of one billion desktops with value added solutions and services on top of LibreOffice, to ready the best free office suite ever for deployments and migrations

Cambridge (UK), September 3, 2013 - Collabora announces Collabora Productivity, a new division focused on developing and selling value added solutions and services on top of LibreOffice. To support the new venture, Collabora is joined by an experienced team of LibreOffice developers from SUSE who have been driving the project since its launch in 2001.

"We believe LibreOffice has reached a level of maturity in terms of functionality, compatibility and stability that make it a viable alternative to MS Office", says Philippe Kalaf, CEO of Collabora. "Office suites are key productivity tools for individual and enterprise users alike, and the availability of commercial support, integration and customisation is essential to enable any large deployment."

Since 2011, LibreOffice has been at the center of several large deployments worldwide, especially in the public sector, such as the hospital system of Copenhagen, the French government ministeries, the city of Munich in Bayern and the region of Valencia in Spain, plus many smaller ones. Based on TDF projections on available data, LibreOffice is currently used by more than 75 million people worldwide.

"According to analysts there are 1.3 billion PCs worldwide, with 75% using office suites. Even if we address only a portion of that market, we still face a huge growth opportunity", adds Michael Meeks, VP of Productivity at Collabora. "Based on our experience, large deployments of LibreOffice backed by professional support represent a growing trend amongst enterprises as they offer significant cost savings without affecting productivity".

Collabora Productivity offers a broad range of solutions and services based on LibreOffice, and backed by the largest group of TDF certified developers: small size incremental updates for LibreOffice for Windows, Level 3 technical support, enterprise software integration, feature and extensions development, and advanced technical training (

Over time, this portfolio will be broadened with the addition of other applications such as communication, collaboration and email. Collabora is all about accelerating the adoption of open source software, philosophy and methodologies, and Collabora Productivity will bring these characteristics to a new and growing environment.

Collabora is a global software consultancy specializing in delivering the benefits of open source to the commercial world. Collabora combines years of open source software expertise with hard-won experience from working in the mobile, automotive and consumer electronics industries. They help clients effectively integrate open source technologies into consumer and enterprise products, re-using existing components to reduce time to market and focusing on product differentiation. Additional information at

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