Who we are “Open source experts.”

Who we are

Collabora is a group of Open Source software professionals on five continents. We came together through our passion for software and our commitement to Open Source. Collabora is composed of a mix of experienced and talented software engineers and seasoned executives and managers. We pride ourselves in our Open Source know-how and strong commitment to our mission.


Robert McQueen, CTO

Robert McQueen

Robert McQueen cofounded Collabora, Ltd. after graduating from University of Cambridge. Rob is a past contributor to Gaim, DBus, Debian, and several other Open Source projects. He conceived and architected Telepathy and directs its development.

Rob is responsible for building and managing Collabora's R&D, delivery and engineering teams. Rob is also heavily involved in consulting with our clients on high-level strategies around Open Source software usage. He also makes time to speak at conferences and generally advocate Open Source techniques and principles. As a longtime open source developer and user, Rob is proud of Collabora's role in the Open Source community, and believes that Open Source is the best way to develop software, both commercially and technically.

Philippe Kalaf, CEO

Philippe Kalaf

Philippe Kalaf graduated from Ecole polytechnique de Montréal (Université de Montréal), and went on to partner with Robert McQueen to direct Collabora operations. In addition to this role, Philippe is the founder and designer for the Farstream audio/video conferencing framework.

Having spent much of his career in Open Source, Philippe is excited to see that the industry is showing more and more interest in Open Source software and Open Source software developers, as it allows Collabora to share its knowledge with more traditional programmers. He sees Collabora growing as the industry recognises that Open Source offers a massive improvement in the software development process. Philippe's ambitions are not just for Collabora, though; he feels that ‘the more we grow, the more Open Source hackers we can put on the payroll to just do Open Source software’.