Multimedia “Open source multimedia development and services.”

The multimedia team was founded in 2007 to be the low level multimedia arm of Collabora focusing on GStreamer and Pulse Audio. Bringing in the primary developers from the GStreamer development community, it helped widen the reach of Collabora even further. Today the multimedia group is a thriving part of Collabora with a strong team of developers.

Collabora focuses on low-level multimedia development, and has the world's leading experts on the GStreamer multimedia framework, which has emerged as the leading media framework for both mobile and desktop open source solutions. Thanks to the expertise of Collabora's engineers, GStreamer today runs on a wide range of devices and operating systems. GStreamer provides crucial media handling capabilities that help our customers stay competitive and at the front of pack in terms of features supported. Collabora employs many of the major developers behind the GStreamer project, including GStreamer maintainer Wim Taymans, and the majority of all changes and improvements done to GStreamer over the last few years has been done by our team of engineers.

Collabora also supports and develops the PiTiVi non-linear video editor, which is rapidly gaining popularity and momentum as a core part of the GNU/Linux desktop. And, while the desktop application is our face to the world, the componentised nature of the stack also enables us to reuse those components to enable editing functionality in, for example, mobile and other embedded devices.

Collabora is also involved in many other efforts, ranging from codec development and standards work to other core parts of the open source multimedia stack, such as the Pulseaudio sound server.

Developer biography

Gustavo Noronha

Gustavo Noronha

Gustavo Noronha lives in Brazil and works on Debian, GNOME, WebKit and Epiphany. Gustavo is a maintainer for WebKitGTK+ and the libgksu/gksu project, and enjoys working with Python, Django and C. In his spare time, Gustavo likes reading (especially science fiction and fantasy) and playing strategy and video games.